Welcome to Sage Wolfsong Creations! I’m Jenn Bradshaw, writer, teacher, mentor, and expanding soul.

I founded Sage Wolfsong to share my passion for creativity, expansion and manifesting with other women, particularly those faced with the challenges of major life changes, disability and adversity. 

Sage Wolfsong was founded in 2016 to reach out to women facing disabilities and challenges, to change the conversation around mental health and invisible illness.

-Jenn Bradshaw, founder of Sage Wolfsong

I have one major goal with Sage Wolfsong, and that is to help women find their voice through creative expression to create passion and meaning in their lives.

Skillshare Teacher

Ever hear of Skillshare? I’m part of their Ambassador program, but I’m also a Premium Member as well as a teacher. When you sign up using the link, you get 2 months of Premium for free! That’s access to, not only my class on Putting Value in Your To-Do List, but thousands of other online classes taught by real-world professionals. Most classes are about 30 minutes long, broken down into short, easy to digest videos. So go on! Sign up today, and enjoy all the learning at your fingertips.

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