What is The Theater of Nok Mondu?

What is The Theater of Nok Mondu?

What do you get when you combine…

10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors and One Concept?
You could get any number of things, but when these 10 authors put their collective imaginings together, you get The Theater of Nok-Mondu.

What lies beyond the doors of the Theater of Nok-Mondu?

Who might you become?
What lives might you live?

The answers lie within the masks.

Do you dare challenge the depths beneath the Earth’s crust to find the Keeper? What artifact will you barter?

Brave the unknown and discover magic and mermaids, dragons and daemons, music and oozes, winged creatures and hybrid monsters.

Love, loss, existential mysteries, and more. 9 stories. 9 authors. 1 breathtaking adventure.

The Theater of Nok-Mondu

Brave the depths to discover the mysterious Theater of Nok-Mondu


The Theater of Nok-Mondu is now available as a Kindle E-Book OR Paperback through Amazon:

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