Your Mondu-Guides

Your Mondu-Guides

By now, you’ve figured out that I’m part of a short story anthology titled, The Theater of Nok-Mondu. You are most likely aware that this adventure is the creative working of ten authors who united behind a singular, fantastical concept. You may even have an inkling of what awaits you beneath the mysterious depths.

Today’s clue?

My own story, Eagle Mask, comes from the Warriors of Feladia series (a work in progress currently) – a fantasy world of magic and myth.

I’d like to introduce you to the other eight authors who serve as guides in this diverse world of imaginings:

Davene Le Grange – The Spherical Realms & Penumbra and Luster

Jeremiah Barton – The Valken

Marty Pearson – Desoto is Home

Dawn Olmo – Rahvin the Dragon

Timothy Schoonhoven – Ooze and Alloy

Chaz J. Simpson – Mashanna

MSH Yang – Glass Universe

James L. Graetz – Catacomb of the Soulless

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