Weekly WIP Update – 12 July 2021

Weekly WIP Update – 12 July 2021

Better late than never…

This week’s post is a bit late. Life’s accelerating as the summer moves forward, and the Fourth of July frequently leaves me drained. This year, I managed to make it through the night without a sedative – a first since we moved here – though I woke up the next morning with all my muscles locked up from trying to cope with the constant barrage of explosions. In the past week, despite a burn ban in our county, if our bedroom didn’t smell like gunpowder, it smelled of campfire smoke. Two members of my household are asthmatics.

Besides the inevitable fallout of an anxiety disorder post-Fourth of July, what delayed putting out the blog? My current WIP (Work in Progress), was becoming a monster, and for a contemporary romance, that just wouldn’t do. A conversation with another author, sparked by finding our work on a scam site, led to a discussion of the problems with my story, revealing a gap in my learning. Ultimately, I had to acknowledge that it was time to set Finding Home aside. Let it stew for a bit longer. Focus on something else and let my brain work out what I need to do to honor the story between Ian and Jill.

So, if I left behind Ian and Jill for now, what happens next?

This most recent run at Ian & Jill’s story began with a promise to myself. If I couldn’t suss out how to keep it to a reasonable length, I’d set it aside and focus on a project I promised my sixteen-year-old. The world of Charity Bay is home to more than us simple, mundane humans, and the new project is a YA Paranormal series centering around a young, non-binary Witch by the name of Tjayden Myst. I’ll be tackling the outlining and writing of this series starting in August, and taking the rest of July to focus on blog planning, transitioning into a part-time job, and brainstorming more of this series.

This week’s progress:

  • Wrote another 15,000 words on Finding Home
  • Quickly sketched out an outline for a revised story for Ian & Jill
  • Archived Finding Home
  • Re-visited my blog and writing plan

Targets for next week:

  • Finish my blog plan
  • Finish transcribing character notes
  • Sketch out an outline for Witchling Book 1
  • Revisit notes for Witchling Born (Tjayden’s first short story) and pick up writing again

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