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Whether I am diving deep into a fantasy world like Feladia, crafting a story in contemporary Charity Bay or chasing down ghosts and curses in the woods around Mystic River, I love to weave love stories into each tale I tell

Jenn Bradshaw, Owner of Sage Wolfsong

My Story

What are your favorite memories as a child?

For me, every great memory includes a book. Whether I was curled up with a Breyer Horse under one arm and my horse breeds encyclopedia or finished a day of hiking with my mom reading CS Lewis or a Western Romance to me (yes, I fell in love with Romance at the age of six). Or … the Harlequin period romance propped on my music stand in band class — arrangements for bass clarinet aren’t terribly inventive. Or my Gran challenging me to read sixty books this summer since I read forty the year before.

I’ve owned a bookstore and a book review blog. I’ve worked in a book warehouse. I’ve got ridiculous piles of books — the wall of books didn’t follow us on our recent cross country move, though. I have friends who are published authors.

And one of those friends, on a whim about eight years ago, suggested that instead of cheering for her through a month of writing, I should join her and write my own book.

That challenge turned into a passion and a long learning experience that’s led me right here, talking to you.

I live on a small, developing homestead in eastern Arkansas with my husband and teenager, one ornery feline overlord named Zeke and a goofy farm pup, Tank. We’re surrounded by woods, birds, an assortment of four-legged wild visitors, and the Mississippi River. When I’m not in my office hammering away at my keyboard, I’m probably off in the Rubi rig, finding some dirt road to get muddy on, or up in our hills, exploring our twelve acres.

But I am never, ever, without another idea for a story.

What You’ll Find Here …


My short story, “Eagle Mask,” appears in the Sci-Fi Fantasy anthology The Theater of Nok Mondu.

I’m currently working on a trilogy involving many of the characters that appear in that story in the Priestess & King trilogy, expected to start releasing in early 2024.

The Blog

Sometimes, it’s all about the Work In Progress (WIP). Sometimes, it’s all about Capital-L Life. Either way, I try to keep it lively.

Let’s Keep In Touch

I send out an email newsletter about once a month. I try to keep it quick, ’cause we’re all busy ’round here. But usually, a quick update.

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