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Jennifer Bradshaw

So, Reiki work.

What's New at Sage Wolfsong

I received my level 2 attunement over the weekend, (when I got my 1st module materials, I was so excited, I dove in deep and had some wild experiences, but I made it through the first part rather quickly) and am currently taking a brief break from working on others. However, that being said, I am starting to schedule clients for practice sessions at no cost to the clientfor the first session.

While I want to practice as often as I can, I am limiting this offer to the first 10 clients that respond to this call.

What a session might look like:

  • Sessions last between 30 and 50 minutes. 
  • Prior to doing any actual work, we'll schedule a quick 30 minute session so that I can understand the work you'd like to do, and so that my energy can introduce itself to your energy. It might sound a little odd, but really, this is where all the work is being done, and I have had clients that have given their consent to be treated, only to have their energy resist the work itself. There is no charge for this initial call. It's an opportunity for you to ask me questions, and for us to build a concept of what kind of work you'd like me to do. (This call will continue to be free for new clients after I am finished with my practicum)
  • Once we've determined what kind of work we'll be doing together, we will schedule your next session. Distance Reiki work does not require you to be present, nor do we strictly need to be on a video call to accomplish the goals. As I mentioned, sessions last between 30 and 50 minutes, but my work does not stop at the end of the session. Being intuitive and an empath, I often pick up messages, images, or questions during a session. After we've concluded our active session, I will follow up (usually an hour or two later, schedule permitting) with a written review of our session, including what came forward during our session, areas that may need special attention, or any messages I've intuited during the session. Sometimes, these come forward as Tarot or Oracle images, other times, it is as simple as asking if you are getting enough exercise to off-set life stressors.
Now Scheduling New Reiki Clients
  • Clients that book during my practicum period for Level 2 will receive one free full Reiki session (a $75 value!). 
  • Disclaimer: I am neither a licensed medical practitioner, nor a mental health provider. Reiki and coaching are designed to compliment your current medical and mental health providers' advice. Please do not discontinue what your care providers have already prescribed for you without consulting them first.
  • If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation session, you may send me a message via Facebook's Messenger on the Sage Wolfsong Facebook page, or by emailing me at jennb@sagewolfsong.com.

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