Featured Products - Pastel Scarves

Jennifer Bradshaw

I'm doubling up this week's featured products, as they are related. These two scarves are 38 inches apiece, and are made with a super-soft, fine acrylic yarn. We're well into spring now here in Westport, though that usually just means that the rain is simply warmer than it was a month ago, so some are still wandering around with scarves on. 

38 inch blue w pastel scarf

These two scarves are mirrors of each other. Each is 38" long and is about 4" wide. Done in three stripes, the first is a dusty baby blue on the edges with a center stripe of rainbow pastels. The second is edged with rainbow pastels with a center stripe of the same dusty baby blue.

38 inch scarf pastel w blueLight, airy and super soft, they are comfortable against the skin and washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. Lay them flat to dry for best results.

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