Memory Wire Bracelets

Jennifer Bradshaw

I've decided to highlight two products this week again, because these two items are closely related.

First, we have the "Amethyst" glass and memory wire bracelet. All beads are glass, but they bring to mind the various purples and lavenders found in February's birthstone. Memory wire is quite stretchy, and requires no fastener or clasp, so this particular piece (and the related Halloween bracelet) will fit a variety of sized wrists, up to about 10 inches (past that point, the bracelet will still stretch, but the design will begin to look skewed).

Amethyst glass memory wire bracelet featured product

Opposite this spring-timey piece is it's close relative, a piece I dubbed the "Halloween" glass and memory wire bracelet for it's amber-hued and black glass beads. For those that prefer more autumn-themed colors, this one might be for you. It follows the same fits as the "Amethyst" bracelet. (for reference, my wrist is about 9 inches, and that would be my arm modeling the pieces)

Halloween orange and black glass memory wire bracelet featured product

Both of these accessory pieces are listed at $10 a piece. But they are one of a kind, and once they are sold, they're gone. I may make others, but each piece is unique.

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