"Peace" Meditation Stone

Jennifer Bradshaw

For this week's featured product, we have the other meditation stone that I created years ago. 

Peace meditation stone featured product sage wolfsong creations

A simple beach scene underscores the reminder word "peace". 

Our lives today are so hectic, so filled with chatter and chaos that often we forget to bring our minds back to the present.

The simple act of focusing on the breath and being aware of your thoughts without following or getting caught up in them can bring you back to the present, and a much more peaceful state of mind.

Place this simple reminder stone on your desk, or hold it in your hand during meditation, to remind yourself to be present, and experience the peace that comes when you are fully present.

The "Peace" meditation stone is roughly 1/2 pound and is a steal at $8. As this is a unique item, there is only one available. 

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