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Jennifer Bradshaw

I write about a lot of things, including intuition, inner peace, books and being a writer. At the end of the day, I am a creator, and Sage Wolfsong Creations is all about the things I create.

So, on Tuesdays, I'd like to present a different product listing each week to feature here in the blog.

Today, our featured product is a darling little meditation stone.

Breathe Meditation Stone

During particularly stressful or hectic days, we forget the basics of grounding into our energy and breathing deeply. Remember that not all breaths are created equally, and the kind of shallow, chest-based breathing that we mindlessly practice when under stress doesn't promote relaxation and peace.

Whether placed on your work-space as a reminder to take two minutes and breathe deep into your belly to calm your mind and body, placed on your altar or sacred space as a cue to take those deep, sacred-honoring breaths, or held in your hand during meditation practice, this hand-painted river rock will bring you back to your breath.

Hand painted onto this rock, we have a small meadow with an old oak tree to bring in the energy of open spaces and oxygen. On the oak, a small squirrel plays on the trunk, reminding us that play is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

The "Breath" meditation stone is part of our Spiritual and Meditation collection. At only $8, this sweet, hand painted river rock is a steal. Priority shipping is available in the US. Contact me directly for more information. You can see the listing here.

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