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Today, my husband and I embark on a 100-day journey through manifestation, gratitude and energetic shifts in our lives.

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We've both played with the Law of Attraction and manifesting our dreams for months now, but a couple of weeks ago, I upped the ante for us as a couple.

See, I've been incorporating gratitude into my daily practice and seeing huge shifts in what shows up in my life. Being grateful for sales in our online bookstore brings book sales. Being grateful for steady income brings a job that pays more than we anticipated. Being grateful for money in the bank brings dimes and quarters along my walks, rather than pennies.

While I was writing my journal entry one night a few weeks ago, I started thinking about what might happen if my husband joined me in this practice. We've already aligned many of our goals and intentions, but what if... What if... we aligned our practices as well. 

Hubby is dear to me, my biggest supporter and best fan, however... He has a short attention span. So, rather than attempt to make this a permanent practice, I suggested it as a short-term thing. 

Initially, I suggested 30 days. I laid out what I was thinking, and he gave the okay to think a little more about it, meditate on the idea and see what felt right to me. He wasn't jumping up and down with enthusiasm when I stretched it to 100 days, but when he started thinking about it, he realized we could take this deep and far, and set some pretty fantastic goals.

We started today, but the shifts are already happening.

Intentions that we set a week ago for me to play with energetically have already begun manifesting. And I hadn't even finished my "magic" with them. Heck, I hadn't even started infusing Universal energy (I keep typing magic, and maybe that's more aligned with what's happening) into these intentions. These were merely brainstormed ideas.

Your thoughts drive your intentions, which draw like energy to you.

Already, the things we've considered kicked around and said "it'd be great if..." to, are starting to filter into our lives. Ultimately, this project will become a book, so I don't want to say too much (the storyteller in me is chomping at the bit already), but I'll give you a brief glimpse into what we're doing.

1. We described our lives as they are currently in seven areas. 

Some areas are in better shape than others. Years of struggling with chronic illness have taken their toll, but we've made a conscious decision to shift our energies, our health, and our situation.

2. We described our lives as we want them to be, in each of those same seven areas.

Some of these areas are more personal than others, such as spirituality and personal development, so we left those alone when it came to plotting our joined intentions. Some of these goals have a tendency to feel very unreal and not achievable, but when I look at what we've managed to manifest already, without being aligned, that view is difficult to hang on to.

3. We chose five goals that were reasonably achieved in 100 days using the Universal Law of Attraction. 

Each goal needed to be quantifiable (feeling better was not an option. Weighing 207 pounds is measurable), have a time frame and be set in as much positive language as we could muster.

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4. I went back through this list and created 5 goals of my own.

Again, each has a time frame, is measurable and is written in a positive language. The thinking here is that I want to be able to measure the difference between goals aligned between two people and a goal pursued singly.

5. I rewrote each goal to make it clear.

We'd initially brainstormed our goals, and I wanted to ensure that they were well worded and exactly what we want. (I have had the good fortune to learn the hard way to ask for exactly what I want to manifest. Leave too much to the Universe, and it will be creative all on its own.)

6. I wrote an affirmation for each goal, joint, and solo, to support our intention.

These will be written out by each of us every night, by hand. To start, we'll copy them verbatim, but as I've discovered on my own, sometimes, the energy behind an affirmation needs to be shifted slightly, and as we get better at this, we'll tweak them together to fine tune them. Those I'm working on by myself, I'll change as I need to.

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7. I infused every goal with Reiki energy and sealed them.

I do not consider myself a witch, per se, but I do use my pen as a magic wand as a writer. I know that words themselves have power - they reveal our heart, our desires, our intentions and our energy. I know to choose them carefully. I also know that the same energy I channel when practicing Reiki carries its own immense power to heal and change what is. Each intention has been charged with Reiki energy and the energy has been sealed into each. This morning, as I sat and charged each line, I could see and feel the intention as though it had already come to pass. 

Today, we begin.

This evening, and every evening from tonight through November 8, 2017, my husband and I have committed to writing down all that goes right each day, every small sign that is a step closer to our goal each day, at least 5 things we're each grateful for, and writing our each of our affirmations.

Today, it starts.

Today, we call into our lives good things, forward progress and desired outcomes, knowing that the Universe is listening.

There is no time like the present moment to start manifesting your dreams. My purpose in life is to help others heal their pasts and their presents, and manifest their dreams in the future. If working together to make your dreams and healing a reality appeals to you, sign up for here for my email list. Subscribers get early bird discounts, free gifts, and specials on newly released products and services. (I hate spam, and will never share your information with anyone).

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