100 Days Update 5 - Reflections and Rest

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It's been another crazy week up here in the Great North Wet for us. We've had to set aside our journals for a few days as we make some schedule adjustments for Hubby's work and Daughter's school and a couple routine appointments. All the go-go-go wore me out to the point I've been headed to bed before the sun's down (as early as 5:30 on one occasion), just trying to keep up my energy. So, since I don't have a lot of journal entries to review, I'll keep this week's update short.
What's Going Right:
  • We're semi-on-track with our Paleo eating. Our 12 year old jumped on the bandwagon and between her being allowed to snack on veggies whenever she wants, and having the freedom to pick her own veggies, she's not missing her old starchy, sugary snacks. Hubby and I aren't quite as on track as she is, but we're getting there.
  • While we haven't seen any further book sales, the commissions for August sales are rolling in, and Hubby has been spending his at-home days off (he frequently has to travel for medical appointments on his days off still) listing new inventory.
  • Our take home pay has remained steady as we approach the half-way point of our experiment. We have, however, seen several unexpected checks that have boosted our ability to pay off debts and sock away a little more in savings.
  • Our savings is steadily growing as we begin to look at timing of our vacation next year. We dipped into it a bit this past weekend for an extra treat, but we still have about three times saved what we had at the beginning of this experience.
  • We've paid off about $900 in debt so far, and have begun to look at the home loan process in light of some drama here at our current residence.
  • I've finally booked an energy reading client and am looking forward to further clients coming on board.
  • My work on my Level 2 Reiki is slowly resuming as I build confidence in speaking to others about it.
  • I'm more or less on track with exercise. While I'm not getting the workouts I planned, I am getting more walking done than anticipated. 
  • "Finding Home" and "Divine Wife" have both been submitted to publishers. I'm preparing FH for a final round of beta readers (stay tuned if you love to read romance and romantic suspense, as I'll be looking for a couple more readers to give feedback and get on my email list, so I can reach you!) before I submit it to an agent, and I'll be submitting that same book for a few contests over the coming weeks. This intention has been met, and has flown well beyond expectations.
  • I'm not quite 100% on my daily spiritual practice as yet, but I am improving steadily.

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I think it's safe to say this week, that we're no longer stalled on any area of our intentions, both solo and as a couple. While we might not be so active with our journals, things are happening fast and at times it's overwhelming. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing what continues to happen as we move into week 6.

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