100-Days Update and Confession

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a project that my husband and I embarked on: 100 Days of aligned intention, gratitude and positive thinking (if you'd like to read the kick-off post, you can read it here). I wanted to pop into the blog today, and update you on how we're doing, what's happening for us, and make a tiny confession.

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First, the confession:

My husband and I ended up having to restart our 100-Day journey less than a week after starting it. The week we originally began, took a hard turn, and the emotional fall out from some of what was happening was just too much. I ended up exhausted, depressed, and struggling to stay on top of the things I needed to be doing for my businesses. By the time evening rolled around every day, I was an emotional train wreck, and couldn't muster the energy to pick up my journal, let alone try to find anything positive in my day. And my hubby, being the wonderful, supportive man that he is (I have a very rare marriage, or so I've been told, in which I find all the support a woman could ask for!), he let me curl up beside him on the couch every night and petted my hair until I fell asleep each night, then nudged me off to bed, where he'd hold me until I cried myself back to sleep. 

Mind you, I still tried to keep myself on task as far as our goals went, so we were still making progress, we just weren't writing any of it down. After the third day of this cycle of depression, we made the decision to start over at day one the following Monday (August 7). And we've been flying ever since.

The Progress:

We're no where near a 90% Paleo plan in our diet. What we are finding, however, is that we feel better when we do stick to the eating plan. I still have moments where I want something unhealthy to snack on, and have had a few trips to the grocery store where I just couldn't find anything unhealthy that sounded good. Hubby's lost a little weight (based on how his pants are fitting) and I've gained a little, but I'm seeing more definition in my arms and around my ribs in spite of that.

We haven't seen much progress on the business planning or website for the bookstore, but we've had about $15 in sales so far this month. Hubby spent most of Sunday posting new inventory, and we're counting down the days until we start up the new website (for now, you can check out the blog over here).

Hubby is loving his new job, and has been given his own areas of responsibility (he's been there all of 3 weeks now). This got him thinking, and he's put in a request for some on the job training, and has started looking into classes at the local community college so that he has more job skills. In the long run, that's more income.

Did someone say vacation? We haven't started any planning, but we do have about $80 more in the savings account than we would normally have this time of the month. At the rate we're going, we should actually be able to make it through the month without having to touch the savings account. It's been a long time since we could do that

And then there's the old ball and chain of debt. While we restarted our 100 Days project, we did continue with our set plan for paying off debt, and so far this month, we've paid almost $250 in old debts, clearing one bill, and making significant progress on another.

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Those are just our joint goals.

I'm finding more and more often, that I'd rather have veggies and fruits than starch, and even the smell of bacon or sausage turns my stomach. Lean meat and the veggies and fruits on my list, then, are becoming more and more my choices. I've tried doing this before, and the only real difference (besides Hubby jumping on board with me), is the affirmations that I've been using. I have more energy, am more emotionally stable (goodbye mood-swings), and feel better physically when I stick to the plan. 

I'll be honest. I haven't made a dime yet this month here on SWC. That doesn't mean I'm not working the biz. I had to take some time recently to take stock and re-evaluate how I'm doing things, because the growing sense of dissatisfaction and restlessness was distracting. I'm back to work, and being true to myself and my values/priorities. I have faith that this side of our family businesses will see growth in its own time, without sacrificing my authenticity or values.

Lost weight? Nope. I've had some killer meals with my hubby, though to celebrate some of what we've managed to decide and accomplish. Plus, we have a rare 6-week period without our 12 year old, so we're using the time to play a little catch up in the romance department. However, my clothes are fitting better, I have more energy, and I'm starting to see some definition in my upper arms that hasn't been there in decades.

Revising my novel... This area of my life was one that took some hits that first week we tried to launch our 100-Days. I finally got my scores back from the Golden Heart competition, and that took a good deal of the wind out of my sails. Poor scores coupled with no critique (so, I'm still shooting in the dark as to what I need to fix, specifically) left me feeling lost. Allie McCormack to the rescue, though, and after a couple of pep talks going both ways (she's in the submission-for-publication process, so she's got her own hills to climb), I was able to plant myself this past weekend and get three chapters edited. I have 580-some-pages to alter point-of-view and tense on, and then another read through for content, and then a round of revisions at least before I send it out to beta readers. That's a big hill to climb before November, but if I can get as far as sending it out for beta reading by Nov. 1, I can let them do what they need while I work on my NaNoWriMo project in November.

Daily spiritual practice: I'm still a bit hit and miss, but I'm more consistent each day. I'm also finding myself going back to some of the meditations I use when I find myself overthinking some problem to break that particular cycle, so even if I don't sit and close my eyes with headphones in and so on, I'm still stepping into that place rather than letting my brain get the better of me.

Lessons learned:

Eating healthy really does make a difference. We had a kind of junk food day on Sunday, but my fridge is now stocked with veggies to munch, and I have a chicken in the crock pot for our dinner.

Every week, I feel less panicked about money, even though we're not clinging to what Hubby makes. I deposit his check, and then pay out to savings, the credit card and get what I need to pay that week's debt. For the first time in years, we're able to give back to the community and organizations we want to support, and send money to our youngest while she's off going to this camp and that activity for another couple weeks. While this might not seem like a lot, we've also had money fall in our laps. Pennies aren't hard to find, right? Seems like they're everywhere. But how often do you find nickels on the ground? Dimes? Quarters? I kid you not when I say that I've found almost a dollar in change in the last 4 days, 44 cents of that was this morning when I walked Hubby to work. Money flows back to us, without any effort. The more we practice gratitude for that, the more we find.

Want some Reiki help doing your own 100-Days of manifesting? I would recommend starting with an energy reading, to find any blocks you may be experiencing, and then follow up with a couple Reiki sessions to clear those blocks and infuse your intentions with powerful Universal energy. You can contact me using the "message us" button down at the right hand corner of your screen, or through the product listings linked above.


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