A New Year - Looking forward

I absolutely adore a new year. It's like looking at a blank canvas with a palette full of colors and a hand full of paint brushes! (This post contains affiliate links to Amazon products that I love and recommend. This means that, when you make a purchase using one of these links, I get paid a small commission from Amazon - at no addition cost to you. This keeps sagewolfsong.com ad-free, and I thank you for supporting me in this way.)

By January 1, I've already spent about a week, close to full hide-out mode, reviewing the past year and my goals to see what I achieved and what I fell short of, and then look forward to the coming year (years, actually. I often review my long-range planning around this time, too).

Before I got sick (with the ever-expanding laundry list of health issues that put me in "Disabled" status years ago), I fell in love with this method of planning. Dayrunner® was my gateway drug, which gave way to Franklin Covey™. I spent several years playing in blank books, because... Let's face it. When you're sick all the time, not working, and your whole life revolves around your child's online school schedule, there's not much point in having a planner. Last year, I discovered Freedom Mastery, played with their free planner pages, and fell in love. (Here's a picture of my 2018 Freedom Mastery Planner... which I've been having a blast playing in)

My 2018 Freedom Mastery Planner

I used to be one of those folks that made the generic, cliche "New Year's Resolutions". It was a sore spot between Hubby and I, in fact, because he makes exactly one resolution every year:

I will not make any resolutions this New Year.

Ugh! I'd rail against that... Yes, I already knew that resolutions rarely pan out - I stubbornly made them anyway. And like the vast majority of folks out there, I'd given up by about January 12th.

The shift came around the third year I was sick. 

I was already familiar with Franklin Covey and The 7 Habits books (I owned the book and the work book and the planner... I was a junkie by then.), so you'd think I was smart enough to realize that goal setting can happen at any time of the year. I'd declared myself a pagan by then, and was beginning to recognize the wheel of the year, and its constant turning. So why was I stubbornly holding onto New Year's Resolutions as a catalyst for making life changes?

Lacking a really good reason, other than January 1 is just a nice day to start anything massive (like losing 100 pounds, or being able to walk 5 miles), I started looking at what I was doing, when I was doing it, and letting go of my pre-conceived notions about how things should be.

I spent all of January and February of 2016 really honing in on what I wanted. That process started the previous November, as I descended into a very deep depression (which I've blogged about all over the place). During that deep seeking, while honing in on what I really wanted for my life, in my life, out of my life, I started building a road map. I was still working with a very rough idea of what I wanted, and I've spent the past two years really fine tuning that. But it was the beginning of me letting go of the stubborn insistence that goals can only be set and started on January 1.

Since, I've gone back to January first being the "start" of new plans. December is my review and reflection month, but I also have the flexibility to plan, set and start on any goal at any point in the year.

This year, I've taken planning a step further, and I started back in October (yeah, I know... I don't often do things by half-measures). I built business plans for Thrice Read Books and Sage Wolfsong as starters. I'd already made the decision to write under the name Sage Wolfsong, and turn my author platform into a business. So, I figured, why not have a business plan for it, too? Previously, we'd kind of been throwing ideas at TRB, hoping something somewhere would work... and it kind of did. But it's remained small and without growth. Our business plans for both platforms include specific goals, actions, projects and budgets (OMG! Like... a REAL business? Go figure...).

Once those were put together, I started really looking at myself. The end of 2017 saw my weight balloon and several more physical problems were cropping up. I invested in a nifty little Kindle book called Personal Mastery.[affiliate link] It takes Franklin Covey and Freedom Mastery's methods, mashes them together, and HOLY CRAP... It's serious long-range planning. But it makes my little planner-soul get all fluttery and giddy with happiness. 

Because not only do I see where I'm missing the mark... I can see where the heck that mark IS!

So... Rather than give you the full list of my 2018 planning, here it is in a nutshell:

  • TRB is self-sufficient and its revenue matches or surpasses its expenses through a combination of book sales, and affiliate program commissions.
  • SWC is self-sufficient and its revenue matches or surpasses its expenses through a combination of affiliate program commissions and course/book sales.
  • I am 100 pounds lighter than I am at the start of the year through better meal planning, healthier food choices and exercise.
  • We are in our own house (purchased and no longer renting) with space for my own office and a place for Hubby and Daughter to play on their computers.
  • We have significantly reduced our old debt and have the equivalent of about 1 and a half month's income set aside in savings.
  • I have completed initial drafts and first round revisions of all 12 of my current WIPs.

I could bore you with more... but you get the gist.

Now, it's your turn. 2018 has arrived - what are you planning to accomplish this year? Pop your answers (in brief like I did is fine) into the comments below. Let's start 2018 out with building a community to support each other in our goals and intentions!

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