Big Vision or Baby Steps - Which is Right for You?

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How in heck do you move past just setting a New Year's Resolution? We're almost through January already - how are you doing on those resolutions by the way?

If you've already given up on your resolutions, I highly recommend you go back and read my posts on Looking Forward, Resolutions, Goals and Intentions (and heck, even though it's almost February, post your comments. No matter what part of the year sees you reading these). This week, we're going to look at this whole ball of wax through the lens of ongoing goal-setting.

In the post on goal setting, I talked about a goal being evaluated. As you work towards your goal, you've got to evaluate your progress. Because sometimes... Shit happens.

When we launched Thrice Read Books' website, I had it all in my head that I'd have all 300+ titles in our inventory migrated to the new site in a couple weeks. Two. Tops.

It took over a month.

Because... Life.

I didn't quit. I didn't bail on the goal. I just reevaluated the goals we set for December, tossed out a few that we just weren't ready for (I had to do the same for Sage Wolfsong, as well, because TRB inventory was gobbling up all my time), set new deadlines for a few things. I just kept rollin' along. 

Because... Life.

Let me clarify something here: Giving up and tossing out a goal that isn't working... Are. Not. The. Same.

When you give up, it's usually because you've seen no progress. You most likely didn't start out with an intention. You probably had a grand resolution. Am I right? Yeah. Me, too. It's okay. You prayed, hoped, and probably worked towards it in fits and starts. And six months or six years later, you've gotten nowhere. Nothing has been accomplished. You throw up your hands and say, "Screw it all! I'm not doing this anymore."

Tossing out a goal that isn't working... There's thought that goes into that process. When I sat down with our December goals, oh, around December 15 (I have a standing date on or near the fifteenth of every month to evaluate growth, progress and goals - the evaluation part of goal-setting), and thought to myself "Jenn? There is no way in HELL that you will have time for get out 4 blog posts on Sage Wolfsong (I think I got 1 out for December), write four newsletters (I ended up with three) for two businesses, read six books and write reviews, run ad campaigns for both platforms..." That internal conversation went on for another twenty minutes, and I cried for a bit, wondering if I'd lost my mind while writing our business plans.

The truth was, Hubby worked more than we'd planned, and didn't have the energy to help out with posting inventory or managing social media like we'd planned. He had more out-of-town trips that he had to deal with, which strained my personal resources more than we'd budgeted for (yes, energy and health can be budgeted, too). It took me twice as long to manage the inventory as I'd planned for.

So, a few things got put off, a couple things got tossed completely (because they are repeated in January or February on the plans, so not a total loss, just a delay), and a few new things were discovered. I evaluated and adjusted accordingly.

How does all this relate to how I started this blog post?

Well, because I want you to stop seeing goals as something you can only start working on in January.

I want you to realize you can do this for any area of your life at any time of the year.

You might be on resolution stage in your professional life. (career change, anyone?) At the same time, you might be actively working on intentions and evaluating ongoing goals. Heck, you might have ideas sitting at all the stops along the way.

That's totally okay.

The only thing I want you to truly spend any energy stressing over (and even then, really these aren't things to stress out about), is whether or not you are moving forward. 

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If you aren't moving forward, it's time to ask yourself, "Why? What has me stuck?" Maybe you got waylaid between goal and intention. Maybe you just need to redefine a goal. Maybe you met the goal sooner than you anticipated, but somehow forgot to evaluate it recently... and you're having a holy-hell-now-what-? moment.

It's all good. Give yourself a day (or a week, if you're me and you overkill this process) and spend some quiet time reviewing what you've got on your plate. Next month, we'll dive even deeper, and start evaluating where you need to set goals, and what goals you should be setting as I get ready to reveal the first of my courses this year. Make 2018 the year you plug into your soul's deepest desires and turn your life ON.

Hey, hit me up in the comments and let me know how you're doing on your intentions for this year! Or, if you're stuck, ask a question or just wave your hand madly in the air, and we can work it out together. 

See you next week!

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