Weekly Wisdom: Three of Swords

For this week's wisdom card-pull, I've again used Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot Deck (Affiliate Link). I absolutely love working with this deck, and it's vivid, mystical illustrations.

Today's card is the Three of Swords.

weekly wisdom 6-30-17 graphic

Decisions coming in batches, and not a single option is without its potentially major drawbacks. The lady in the illustration stands on rocky, broken ground, her heart pierced with three swords as crows fly above, potentially waiting for her to fall. The largest boulder in the illustration is covered in thorny rose vines, representing the beauty and pain in love.

Remember the old addage, "Bad news travels in threes?" I can recall working as a nursing assistant in long term care facilities, and how, around the full moon, if one resident passed away, it was a sure bet that two more would soon follow (nurses can be so superstitious... but their beliefs are generally well founded in experience). The same is true in day-to-day life, troubles usually run in packs.

What betrayals have you faced lately? What would it feel like to release some of that pain into the ether, cast out of your energetic field? What would forgiveness look like to you? Disregard the crows and coyotes pacing and hovering nearby - you are strong. You have weathered many storms, and can withstand this trial, too.

Remember that the sun always rises, always shines, no matter how dark the night may be. Regardless of how dark your current situation might appear, good times are sure to follow.

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