Deeper Gratitude and Hard Lessons

We're three weeks into the 100-Day Experiment, where my husband and I aligned our goals, energies and practices to bring several goals to manifest. This last week has been enlightening, powerful, and has held a number of deep lessons for me.

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Intentions reaching completion:

As I mentioned in last week's blog post, I've completed the revisions on "Finding Home," my first completed novel. While I didn't get any bites on it where I submitted, I'll be doing another read-through and getting one more round of beta readings done on it before I pursue further submissions. In the meantime, I'm reviewing another piece that I wrote back in January on a dare, something I never really intended to submit for publication. However, while it's still in a very rough state, I found an open proposal call that fits the genre for this particular novel, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring on that one, too. At the very least, I'm getting practice submitting, and developing as a professional author.

The bookstore has seen a dramatic increase in sales this week, as well. Amazon commissions for our book sales will be close to $50 for this past week alone. This puts us near our goal of having an online bookstore that pays for itself monthly. We added a bunch of new stock this week, as well, so Hubby is spending time on his days off work getting those listed. The website isn't far off!

Other areas of progress:

After a weekend junk-food blow out, Hubby and I are back on track towards our Paleo goals. We spent some time discussing our eating plans last night, and agreed to do some fore-thought and planning for NaNoWriMo, as none of us will have a lot of time for cooking while we're all writing. Crock pot meals that can be frozen ahead of time are going to be the solution, I think, but we'll get it worked out.

We've begun planning for our vacation after the first of the year. Until now, it's been rather nebulous, with only a general idea of where we want to go. This weekend, we started nailing down where exactly we want to go. It's not a huge start, but it is a start none-the-less.

We've paid off another $160 in debt this past week. I was able to make contact with one of our creditors to resolve some issues I discovered with my credit report, and found an easier way to get the bill paid off. I was honestly dreading that call, as the company has a history of being difficult for those trying to get their accounts paid off - I was pleasantly surprised to find that my rep was easy to work with. Hubby and I have talked some more, and while it will tighten our belts significantly, we're going to attempt to pay more of this bill week-to-week, to get it off the table entirely.

What's stalled:

Our take-home pay has decreased slightly, though the decrease is going to pay off a large bill, so I'm not complaining about that. And the decrease hasn't affected our quality of life at all, so we're not missing the money. 

My website/business, Sage Wolfsong, (yes, this one) has yet to produce any income, however, I'm seeing an increase in traffic, and I'm still grateful for the paying clients that are coming my way.

I've stalled out on my Reiki certification (level 2), as I seek clients to work with me on a distance basis to complete my practicals. If you're curious about the intuitive Reiki I practice, I have a short blog post here. Grab a spot on my mailing list for special deals for those helping me with completing this work.

Consistent, Daily Spiritual practice... how I miss thee. Frankly, I've done a terrible job of this, along with my consistent daily workouts (hahaha! My yoga mat is crying that it misses me... while my pillow is screaming that it loves me...). I'm falling well short of my aim of twice a day meditation, something that Hubby and I talked about last night as well.

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What I've learned:

After 3 weeks of consistently practicing gratitude and affirmations, lessons are bound to happen, yes? Life has been full of them for me this past week, building on what we saw happen in the preceding weeks.

  • Hubby and I are both more positive in general, despite some painful experiences as someone we have been close to makes a departure from our lives.
  • It is becoming easier and easier to practice gratitude in general, and with each other.
  • Reading Hubby's journal for these updates has become a humbling experience. While he's great at telling me daily how much he appreciates what I do, it is another thing entirely to read that same gratitude in journal entry after journal entry. Humbling and a little scary to realize how much he adores me. That's a high pedestal to fall off of.
  • This experience is drawing us closer together. For a long time, we've faced things as a team, but our team approach has deepened over the last few weeks, and we've become a more powerful force.

If you haven't been following me long, and you're feeling lost with what all this is about, I've included links below to the other posts in this series. You can also get on my email list here, for news of new releases in the shop, courses as I release them, and mailing list only coupon specials.

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Until next week,

Bright blessings and joyful manifesting!

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