Elle North Runs Indigo Insights Again!

Jennifer Bradshaw

For those who've read my old blog, you know that Elle North is my go-to mentor for all things intuitive, Reiki and mystical. 

Next week, she's running her week-long, free program, Indigo Insights once more, as a lead in to her fabulous, eight month program Wisdom Within School of Intuition.

I did both programs last year (well, I'm still finishing last year's curriculum), and sadly must pass this year due to just too many things on my plate, but if you are curious about intuition and the mystical. If you just aren't sure that a program of that length and depth is for you, then I would highly recommend the free week-long program that starts on Monday.

Recommended intuition course

Alright. I'm stepping off my soapbox now in regard to Indigo Insights and Wisdom Within. But before I leave for the day, to do the many, many things on my plate that must be done, I'll leave you with this tid-bit:

Elle recently was interviewed on the podcast Honor the Feminine with Shannon Ledford. She in this 40 minute podcast, Elle and Shannon talk about intuiton, the Tarot, boxed wine and intuition. You can check out the podcast here.

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