Expansion and the #TMTSChallenge

By now, you all know that I've made 2018 a year of expansion for me. In the spirit of expanding, I've been turning my attention towards expanding my reach, my audience. Reaching further and more lovingly towards YOU.

I had to change course midstream and put off the blog I'd scheduled for today, and I thought I'd dedicate today's blog post to an amazing teaching series on growing your Twitter following. Mike Kuwala, over at SocialQuant, has a 14 day Twitter challenge, and I took the plunge, and put both business Twitter accounts through the mill with this challenge. Results are hard to argue with, folks.

#TMTSChallenge results blog

Bear with me... this will be a somewhat lengthy, numbers-crunching post; for those of you interested in quantitative results, stay with me. If you're not so interested in numbers, but you're trying to figure out how to grow your Twitter following, you will NOT want to miss this.

Now, Mike offers a free 14 day trial of SocialQuant to go along with this challenge. I opted to hold off on it. After completing the challenge, I decided to forgo the trial and continue what I've been doing, primarly because neither business is financially ready to commit to a program like SocialQuant (their plans are priced very reasonably, but multiply everything times two in my situation, and costs can get out of hand very quickly!).

So, here's where started: 

@SageWolfsong started the challenge with 181 followers, and I was following 131 other people.

@ThriceReadBooks started the challenge with 134 followers, following 131 others.

I've been fussing with Instagram as well, and since I hadn't made any headway at all on that platform, I decided to apply what I could to that area, and see what happened. I started with just 20 followers and was following 44 others.

As I said, I didn't take Mike up on the 14 day free trial. Instead, I watched the videos, tweaked profiles, images and pinned tweets, and played with a variety of keywords to see where I'd end up.

I went into the challenge with the idea that if I gained 100 followers on each Twitter account, I'd call it success. If I could gain 5 in Instagram from what I did, I'd throw a party for myself.

Here's what I did:

Each morning, I'd watch Mike's video for that day (the first is the longest, at about 30 minutes, the rest average about 15 minutes each), apply that day's principle as much as possible - a few things I have yet to implement - and then I would pick my keywords for the day. Following Mike's search instructions, I would follow about 20 new people per day for the first week (1 per keyword, using the criteria outlined in Day 1's video).

At the end of week 1, the results were starting to show up:

@SageWolfsong had 354 followers, and I was following 418 people.

@ThriceReadBooks had 222 followers, and I was following 333 people.

The Sage Wolfsong Instagram account now had 91 followers, and I was following 273 people.

Remember those goals I set for the two weeks? Yeah, we went out and celebrated with Jack In The Box for dinner. 

Week 2, I was facing serious pain and fatigue issues, and didn't have a ton of energy, so I spent a little more time, and followed about 100 people per day in week 2.

By the end of week 2, I'd learned not only how to connect better with others on Twitter, I was making progress in implementing some of Mike's tools for growing engagement. I mean, having all those followers is fabulous, but if you aren't connecting with them? Utterly useless. I'm going for connection here, so, I paid extra attention to his lesson on analytics. I've been tracking our platforms weekly all year, so to be able to see the leap here, was phenomenal. (and still small potatoes compared to some, but for me? This was HUGE.) I ended up recruiting Hubby to help me manage some of the ongoing following and sorting of new followers, because hey! As much as I enjoy seeing new profiles and such, I do need to have some energy and focus for providing something for those followers to SEE and interact with.

The end of week 2 rolled around, along with the end of the challenge, so it was time to crunch some serious numbers.

@SageWolfsong now had 636 followers and was following 1124 others.

@ThriceReadBooks now had 567 followers, and was following 1160 others.

And the Instagram experiment? I'll remind you that I was hoping for a mere 5 followers out of this, and week one blew that clear out of the water, but...

Sage Wolfsong Creations on Instagram had grown a following of a whopping 163, and I was following 650 others.

The growth continues. In fact, I had my biggest day here on the SWC blog with 60 hits, and 51 of those came directly from Twitter. 

As I mentioned, hits and followers are great, but if there's no interaction, it's empty figures. 

As of this writing, February stats aren't complete (we still have over a week to go in the month, but here's a comparison for Sage Wolfsong): 

Sage Wolfsong comparison


555 tweets, 286 profile visits, 84 new followers, 49.7k impressions and 518 mentions.

February (as of 2/20/18):

493 Tweets, 1,066 profile visits, 565 new followers (!), 62.9k impressions and 319 mentions.

@ThriceReadBooks wasn't much different: 


634 Tweets, 193 profile visits, 45 new followers, 41.2k Impressions and 269 mentions.

February (again, as of 2/20):

617 Tweets, 805 profile visits, 549 new followers, 60.8k impressions and 171 mentions.


Thrice Read Books twitter comparison

 Maybe these aren't astounding numbers, but when  you consider the two years these accounts have been up and running, and how long it's taken to get what little growth we had going into the month of February, to me this is HUGE. And the growth just continues. As I finish this post up on the night of the 20th, @SageWolfsong is sitting just under 800 followers, and @ThriceReadBooks is just under 700 (or has possibly rolled over while I'm busy editing this).

As far as free courses go, this one tops the charts. Whether you're just starting out, or trying to widen your following, if you're looking for the guy with the answers, you need to check out Mike's course.

And when you're done, hey! Hop back over here and let me know how it went for you.

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