Weekly Wisdom: Four of Cups - Emotional Stability

The Four of Cups that we explore in today's post comes from Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot deck. (affiliate link. Check out my About page here for more information)

We see a young woman at a sacred pool beneath a crescent moon. She seems to be absorbed deeply in her thoughts, though the smile that plays on her lips implies those ruminations are positive. The Four of Cups speaks of emotional stability, of introspection and finding what works for you, and what makes you happy.

 weekly wisdom graphic four of cups

This week's full moon builds energy upon what we've been exploring the last couple of weeks. The time has come to do some serious soul-searching and begin to clear your life of those things that do not bring you joy.

Letting go of the past, relationships, things, beliefs; they become such a part of us that releasing them can be painful. The good news, though, is that the pain lasts only for a moment. When the moment passes, and you are sitting there, broken open and feeling spent, empty...

That is the moment to listen for the soft whispering of the Universe. Because it is in that moment that you can choose joy over sorrow, prosperity over poverty, abundance over lack, love over loneliness. 

In a program I will be introducing in the next few weeks, we explore what we need to release so that new, good things can flow to us. Sign up here to get on my email list for early bird specials and release dates, and get a free gratitude journal page as a thank you.

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