Weekly Wisdom: Frog

Jennifer Bradshaw

As we head into another weekend, I've pulled a card from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm (affiliate link - when you make a purchase through this link, I earn a small commission from Amazon at no cost to you, the buyer. Thank you for your support in this fashion.). This was my very first intuitive deck, and I absolutely love working with the animals contained in the vibrant artwork. 

This week's card is The Frog.

weekly wisdom 6-23-17 frog oracle

This card has a beautiful, green frog climbing out of a pond of water. In oracle and tarot work, water generally represents the emotions, and Frog represents the way in which we straddle the two parts of our lives: physical and emotional. It can be difficult at times to maintain a balance in the needs of both sides of ourselves.

Frog also has a clutch of eggs nested beneath the water's surface. Her young will undergo a number of transformations between now and when they are fully matured, parts will grow out, other parts will disappear. In much the same way, we change throughout our lives, some parts developing, while other parts gradually loose their usefulness and cease to be a part of you. What changes are you currently nurturing within yourself?

Connection to Mystery is Frog's final message to us. In the old tales, frogs were often princes or princesses in disguise, cursed for some offense against another person. Frog's ability to traverse the mysterious inner realms as well as the visible, physical world gives us insight into our own world. Her playful spirit leaps, jumps and swims through life, inviting us to discover our own playful side. How can we learn to better dive deep into our hidden, subtle selves while still retaining the ability to make great leaps of progress? 

May Frog's insight bless your weekend. Until next week's reading...



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