Goodbye, 2017 - Bring It On, 2018

The year is almost over, and it's that time, once again, to reflect on the growth of the previous twelve months, and look ahead to the next twelve months. It's time to set goals (I try to avoid New Year's Resolutions), make plans and build the roadmap forward.

2017 was a huge year for me. For those who've followed me this far, I send you deep, heart-felt gratitude. It's been a year of painful growth, celebration, discovery and change as I fumbled forward through the year.

Hubby and I launched (at long last), our bookstore website, and my focus the past several weeks has been firmly fixed on Thrice Read Books, building partnerships with authors and publishing houses as a bookstore, catching up inventory and preparing our social media. I've found an absolute love for reviewing books (I already knew I loved reading and writing them!), and my reviews draw plenty of attention. I was elated to be asked by Fiery Seas Publishing to be on blogtours for new releases Fiskur and Fire's Kiss in November and December.

I fumbled through a few new ideas on Sage Wolfsong, discarding those that simply weren't bringing me any joy, and launching (with more thought) new ideas and projects that do bring me joy. I've narrowed my focus further, and with Hubby's blessing, I've chosen to focus on my writing as Sage Wolfsong. While I continue to pursue my learning in intuition and energy healing, I've opted to not pursue those as a professional avenue. My true love is writing and mentoring others, and 2018 will see a more directed approach to both of these.

During 2017's third quarter, I started feeling antsy about how I approaching my businesses (Sage Wolfsong and Thrice Read Books), and with Hubby's help, we've built actual business plans for both avenues for 2018. The bookstore launch wasn't as smooth as I anticipated (Hello, learning-on-the-fly), but it is now blossoming and starting to see some automation. On one hand, this put me a little behind in my December goals for Sage Wolfsong, which is why I've been sooo quiet the last several weeks. January will be busy, but it is plotted out, and I've already begun moving through those goals so that you should start seeing fewer absences and jarring changes in direction, and more consistency in content.

While I don't have any plans to publish books or fiction in 2018, I do have a few things planned for launch on the Sage Wolfsong website. I will be phasing out the hand crafts, and moving towards more online, self-paced courses designed to help women learn to create their ideal lives, work with their creativity and align themselves with the Law of Attraction.

Speaking of LOA... You might recall the 100-Days project that Hubby and I embarked upon. While we ended up having to suspend the project indefinitely, I'll give you a quick end-of-project update. We are lined up for buying a house in the next couple of months, and our income did in fact increase, very close to the desired level we wanted. We were able to purchase a vehicle, launch TRB's website and have a significant amount saved up, with an equally significant amount of debt paid off. My personal goals weren't as successful, and I find myself facing 2018 with additional health challenges.

But I'm still here and I'm still moving forward.

Ahh yes! The final "big thing" for 2017 was a revamped look for the Sage Wolfsong website. If you haven't seen it yet, now's the time to hope over and take a look around. Then hop into the comments on the blog and share what 2017 brought you, and what your plans are for 2018.

See you again soon!

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