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 Sage Wolfsong blog post - the 40 Days of Gratitude challenge continues with an essay on Abilities

Being disabled frequently requires creativity. "What ability are you grateful for?"

The ability to read.

If you've never read any of my blog posts before, you probably aren't aware of the relationship I have with books. My life revolves around them.


(See what I did there? Okay - yes. It was an awful joke.)

I read them. I create them. I sell them in our bookstore. I recommend the ones I really liked to those I care about. I write about them. I think about them and I collect them. And when Daughter was homeschooling, I taught about them.

Books are literally my life.

And I wouldn't trade that for the world.

Books have pulled me through some of the darkest times of my life. They've given me hope when I had none left to hold on to. Books kept me positive in the face of medical diagnoses that were adding up on a weekly basis.

And books feed my brain.

From them, I've learned how to eat better, how to alter my own habits, how to manage my finances and create the life I really want. I've gotten a glimpse into minds long passed from this plane and received insight into other cultures and ways to live. Creative ideas, both for writing and crafting, come from reading books.

Hell, I even learned to blog better from reading books!

My bookshelves are an eclectic mix, even if you leave out the bookstore inventory. I have nonfiction on meditation, Zen, Druidry, witchcraft, yoga, crystals, and marriage. I have fiction ranging from epic fantasy classics by authors such as David Eddings and Robert Jordan and romance by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Pintip Dunn. 

Sage Wolfsong blog post - the 40 Days of Gratitude challenge continues with an essay on Abilities

I have a reading list that is pages long, and an entire blog devoted to reviews. Books gave me a new career when I thought I was used up and useless because of my disabilities - not just because I can read and write reviews (which I do in copious quantities), but also because I've gotten ideas from them for expanding myself into areas I never would have dreamed of before.

What I'm Currently Reading



So, your turn: What ability are you grateful you have. Even if you're disabled. Especially if you are disabled - what can you do that you're grateful you can still do?


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