Gratitude and Manifesting: 100-Days update 4

It has been a crazy, busy week here at the Bradshaw house.

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Our daughter arrived home Monday, after spending most of the summer with family and attending various camps, only to have to launch straight into home school lessons Tuesday morning. We've had a few large events here in town over Labor Day weekend, so Hubby and I have both been busy (him with an extra busy work schedule and me walking everywhere to be at a few of those events). We're still rolling along with our 100-Day Intention experiment; here's where we're at:

What's going right:

  • With our daughter back home, we're having to straighten up with the eating. We had her favorite battered fish and Mac & Cheese for dinner the night she came home, but we've been consistently Paleo since. And she was totally on board with the idea when I broke it to her.
  • With everything else going on this week, I haven't had much chance to sit down and do any business planning for Thrice Read Books, but we're at 11 sales since we started the 100-Day experiment, which is almost 1/3 of our target of 35 book sales. I also stumbled across an entire storage tote of unlisted inventory, which means Hubby will be very busy on his days off for the next several weeks as he works on getting all our unlisted inventory on the site.
  • I finished the marketing pieces for another of my novels, a work-in-progress, and got a proposal submitted to another publisher for consideration. This makes 2 publisher submissions - Intention Met.
  • We've socked away almost $300 for our upcoming vacation. Planning is still in the very early stages, but this past week, I was able to cover all our expenses without tapping into the savings - something we haven't accomplished in years.
  • We've paid off almost $800 in debt at this point. We had to add a little to that this weekend, as Murphy's Law reigned supreme in the last week with a microwave and an entire set of dishes needing to be replaced, just as we were ordering our new couch. The upside? While I had to add to our credit card balance, I am confident now that I'll be able to get it back down within the next six weeks. Our other, older debts are shrinking steadily, I've figured out that I can put more of our weekly income into paying those, and we've begun a short list of houses that we want to look at and potentially bid on.

What's stalled:

  • Our take home pay hasn't improved since my last update. We are finding that we're able to put larger sums to savings and old bills, however.
  • My biz has hit a standstill for now. Honestly, I've been really focused on the writing piece of things and getting Daughter's lesson plans set up for this month, and marketing and Reiki just haven't been a priority. The further into this project we get, the more I am realizing that writing is my passion, and it's where I go when I am dealing with heavy, painful moments.
  • Ahhh... my weight. You know... This past summer was like permission to eat and be lazy. Hubby and I had a long talk about my frustration with my not getting up early enough to do my stretching and how off-target I've been on my eating. As always, we approached it as a team, and are finding ways to get me back on track. This past weekend, I logged almost 10 miles of walking (my feet aren't thanking me for it, by the way), but tired as I was, my eating was way off what it should have been. I think the past couple days look hopeful, though, that I'm getting back on track. (I haven't had the courage to check my weight at the doctor's in a couple weeks, though)

What's going wrong?

I think I can safely say that we're moving away from things going backwards. Anywhere we have taken a step backwards, we've compensated so that we'll be moving forward again shortly - thus I've listed those things as stalls rather than backward momentum. 

sage wolfsong blog graphic 100 days update 4

Lessons learned:

  • We're still working well as a team. Even the first day of school for Daughter went smoothly (a first in the 8 years we've been educating at home), despite a very different kind of course load for her. Where one of us falls down, the other is right there to give a helping hand, keeping us all in positive spirits.
  • Diving into my gratitude practice is a quick way to flip my emotions back to a more positive bent. Sometimes, feeling angry is better than feeling hopeless, and it isn't long before angry turns into feeling good again.

We're looking forward to the next couple weeks, as some of what we've been waiting on should start breaking loose, and we are eagerly anticipating being able to start the process of buying our own home. 

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