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Week 2 of this project brings me to the hardest question of all of them! "What one book are you most grateful for?"

40 Days of Gratitude continues with a blog post about the book I'm most grateful for.

Seriously? Just one?!?

Books are amazing, wonderful, creative, eye-opening, life-changing things.

Wouldn't you agree?

Well, fellow bookworm, today's blog post is a little story for you.

To answer the question at hand, the book that I'm most grateful for is Roald Dahl's children's classic The BFG.

Yes, I've seen the movie, and adored it, but decades before CGI technology and the animating of everything literary I've ever loved, the book was a gift to me from a cousin.



I was maybe 6 or 7 the first time I read it, and I'd been reading for some time already. Madeleine L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time series and C.S. Lewis' Narnia series were both under my belt, and I'd read both series multiple times.

But The BFG got me interested in words themselves. I fell in love with telling stories on my own terms, without the stuffiness of "the rules."

Fast forward a few decades to now and ask, "How does this relate to your disability?"

At my worst, during those really dark days that had me laying in bed, wondering what the point of living was, I began to return to that concept, that love of story-telling. My journey up to that point didn't seem noteworthy to me at the time, but as I started listening to others, and hearing their struggles, I could relate. More than that, sharing my story was starting to help others overcome their own struggles with pain and fatigue.

I started with writing what I wanted my life to look like, at its absolute best. I started blogging (though with no real focus and no idea how to find readers - it didn't help that I was hiding out in my blog, and never... you know... sharing it with anyone!). Those were ugly, messy days, but they gave me something to do besides wonder what the point of living was.

A few morphs later, we have Sage Wolfsong Creations and Thrice Read Books. Blogging and writing are central to my life, as are books. I have a number of my own novels that are works-in-progress, but they will each come together in their own time. 

I have moments of imposter syndrome, "Why would anyone want to read my blog?"

And then I get emails saying I was nominated for a blog award. I had to do some digging and discovered that Sage Wolfsong had been nominated for a "Most Inspirational Blog," just a day or two after I'd announced my hiatus. Talk about crappy timing!

I had a moment of, "I need to get back to this. I need to make it better!" before I realized that I didn't need to make the blog better, though it was still lacking in focus somewhat. I wasn't nominated for that award for what I could-do-in-the-future, I was nominated for what I was already doing. I felt guilty for taking time off while I dealt with life, chronic pain and fatigue flare-ups and travel. 

40 Days of Gratitude continues with a blog post about the book I'm most grateful for.

Here's where I bring it around full circle...

I'm grateful for The BFG. Without it, I wouldn't have realized I needed to tell my story because I wouldn't have accepted myself as a storyteller. If I hadn't rediscovered my love of storytelling, I probably wouldn't be where I am, because I wouldn't realize that I can rewrite my story. I get to choose the ending, and it's gonna be glorious!

I would love to hear from you and find out what book you're most grateful for. Drop into the comments and share links, and the story behind your choice.

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