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Jennifer Bradshaw

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"What color are you grateful for?" is today's gratitude prompt.

Jenn talks about her favorite color and how it relates to her chronic illness in today's 40 Days of Gratitude challenge blog post

So, this one is going to sound a little strange, but here goes:

I love all colors; even black and white have their uses in my wold. Without my glasses, everything seems a bit washed out, and the world loses some of its vibrancy. At night, without my glasses, though, the shades of gray and black help me orient myself as I move around in the dark.

But if I had to pick just one color? I'd go with purple (with blue a close second!). 

Now, how do I connect this to my chronic illnesses and disabilities? 

I get migraines. They aren't your everyday, run of the mill, get a bad headache the week before your period starts migraines. Without medication, I have them daily. Nauseated, tired, everything bothers me (scents, light, sounds, breathing, eating...). I can't enjoy my food, because I can't taste it unless it's super spicy, super salty, super sweet...

How does purple fit into this? 

We recently bought a house, and our first major change to the house was painting the rooms our way. So far, we've finished the master suite. My office is next, then downstairs.

But I wanted a purple bedroom.

Not a light, easy-going purple. 

No. I went full bore, deep amethyst purple. The bathroom is done in a light lavender gray, but the bedroom is a nice, dark purple. Our furniture is black, or dark iron or bronze. And we're adding blackout blinds in black and purple to the scheme.


Hubby doesn't sleep. He might get a few hours here and there, but one of the biggest enemies to his sleep cycle is light, so we painted and decorated in dark colors to lessen the impact of any nearby porch lights. Now that we live a bit off the beaten path, we have less light pollution, but now and then, vacationers light up our street. 

Jenn talks about her favorite color and how it relates to her chronic illness in today's 40 Days of Gratitude challenge blog post

Back to the migraines. 

In addition to reducing the amount of light in our bedroom at night, this also reduces the amount of light during the day. Winters up here on the coast give us short days, but summers? Four a.m. sunrises and 10 p.m. sunsets can kind of suck when light makes you feel like your head will explode. To compound the problem, we have a skylight over our bed, and four more in the office. Ever tried covering a skylight? We have this nifty piece of shiny silver bubble wrap stuff that the previous owners left us, along with a curtain on tension rods to help cut some of the light, which is great, but not a complete solution. 

Painting the bedroom dark purple, keeping the furniture dark, and adding the dark black-out curtains allowed us to make the bedroom almost completely dark in the middle of the sunniest of afternoons. 

If you've ever had a migraine, you know that the standard, first-line treatment (besides medicating), is to get in a cool, dark room and close your eyes. 

My purple bedroom gives me just that.

**side note: Daughter's room will be purple, too, once we start downstairs. She's totally in love with the color, and struggles with light pollution at night, too.**

So, now it's your turn. Drop into the comments below and tell me what color you're grateful for.

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