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 The 40 Days of Gratitude with Disability series continues with a post about a recent compliment that blew me away and spurred action.

Okay, ladies... this one's tough, because many of us were raised to be "modest." Screw that for today's challenge and own 'em! What recent compliment are you most grateful for today?

As a reminder, we're walking through this series with the lens of disability, and the past few weeks, I've been coping with mine by the bucketload. A sharper than usual shift from summer to autumn pushed most of October into the "barely functioning" category for me - reading and watching Youtube videos has been about the limit of my daily tasks. I might even get a load of laundry done a couple times a week. Jotting notes for NaNoWriMo as they come to me.

So, today's topic goes back a few weeks, because I haven't really been up to speed on social media this month.

Back in September, I wrote a blog post about my mentors and the women I look up to. Brittany Pate read it (like, OMG, she actually read it!), and shared it on her Facebook page: 

An earth-shattering compliment from Brittany Pate

I cried when I read that.

Heck, I'm getting choked up just pasting the image into my blog post as I write this.

This... This was huge for me.

It even tops getting an email that said that this blog had been nominated for a "most inspirational" award (which, by the way, was HUGE).

Someone that I admire and look up to, someone I've spent time talking to and love reading her work and writing reviews for her (by the way, if you haven't read Fire's Kiss yet, DO!). Someone who's doing what I aspire to do - write award-winning, award-nominated books - loves my work and believes in my ability.

How did it impact me?

Unlike when I received word that Sage Wolfsong had been nominated for an award, I didn't have any moments of panic that told me I needed to up my game. 

I didn't go back to my planning and try to figure out how to tweak it all.

I sat with this post on my phone for a while, wiped away my tears, and patted myself on the back. After all, someone I truly admire for her talent and tenacity told others that she believes in my ability to do great things

Where to from here?

Now that I'm mostly back on my feet (I still can't manage to get up before 9 a.m. unless it's life and death, or a road trip that I can sleep on), I'm going to finish this series, get my NaNo blog posts out, write another book, and actually aim at getting published in the next 6 months.

I'm going to keep working on self-mastery and getting my health under control so that I can continue serving readers and grow my reach. I'm going to keep working on that mission statement that you see when you land on my home page. 

I'm here to teach and demonstrate that life can be really good, despite disabilities, limitations, and struggles.

I thank each and every one of you for reading this blog and sharing the posts, and I love to hear from each of you.

The 40 Days of Gratitude with Disability series continues with a post about a recent compliment that blew me away and spurred action.

It's your turn, and I wanna see you SHINE! Drop into those comments below and share a recent compliment that's been meaningful to you.

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