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 40 Days of Gratitude from the perspective of disability tackles Inspiration in the final blog post of the series. Bonus: NaNoWriMo project reveal and signups for early notice of beta reader sign ups

What inspiration are you grateful for?

It's NaNoWriMo season, and that means I'm somewhere in the thick of drafting another novel. This post was meant to have been done back in October before drafting began, but as you now know, life blew up on me, as it is wont to do, and set me behind schedule. 

But let it be said that I am particularly grateful for the inspiration for this month's project.

I'm going to multi-task this blog post, because I'm so far behind, and because the answer to today's question is: this book.

The Story Behind the Story

This year's NaNo novel began about 18 months ago, as nothing more than a vague idea - a romance involving the ghost of a man who didn't die, but rather, has been cursed into the nonexistence resembling a Shade. 

That wasn't a lot to go on, but it was an idea, and I jotted it down, like any good writer.

I keep ideas like this on my phone, in Google Keep. I end up scrolling past them frequently as I scribble other notes, like book reviews and shopping lists. So, for the past year and a half, this idea existed as nothing more than a blank note titled "The Cursed Ghost Romance."

Not terribly exciting, right?

As November drew near, I planned on struggling through more revisions of my Priestess and King fantasy romance trilogy. I've been plodding through revisions for the past six months on this project, and to be honest, I haven't made much progress, due in equal parts to responsibilities with the bookstore and straight up procrastination. This particular project is what many of us would consider a "book baby" - a project that sparked a writing career. It's also something of my Magnum Opus and a project that I have no desire to rush and compromise the overall quality of the finished product.

In mid-October, however, I was having one of many necessary naps (ain't chronic fatigue fabulous?) and woke with the concept for this cursed-ghost book more fully defined. I pulled myself out of bed, claimed one of the many blank notebooks that I keep stashed in the bottom of my desk, and scribbled out a twelve-page synopsis.

That first day, I had the general plot arc, cast of characters and setting fleshed out on a basic level. Further development saw the plot change a little, but it is still a working concept that I am fleshing out as NaNoWriMo marches on.

As of this writing, my word count is just under 40,000 words. I'm shooting for 85,000, and as we're in the final third of the month, finishing that goal is starting to look unrealistic.

But I'm not quitting. 

40 Days of Gratitude from the perspective of disability tackles Inspiration in the final blog post of the series. Bonus: NaNoWriMo project reveal and signups for early notice of beta reader sign ups

I may have days I don't write, but when I write, I throw everything I have into it. Three years ago, I drafted 50,000 words and turned it into a 135,000 semi-final draft in less than three months.

This year, I'm shooting for having this book drafted, revised/self-edited, and ready for beta readers and critique partners between January and February. Right around the same time, I'm hoping to have the site moved to a new platform and revamped. It'll be a busy winter!

Without further ado, the project reveal!

Welcome to Love and Vengeance - a Haunted Romance.

 Cover Reveal for this year's NaNoWriMo project, Love and Vengeance - A Haunted Romance - Paranormal Romance - sign up to receive first notice of beta reader openings

Julia inherits her estranged grandmother's estate, including a once-stately home in Charity Bay, near the Washington Coast. It's run-down and needs love, and Julia's grandmother left her a generous trust fund to rehabilitate the home of Julia's fresh start in life.

The only catch?

Julia's new home isn't the only one in the house. And the ghost she discovers in the basement isn't dead.

Can they work together to break his curse and free Julia from her own past and find love?

As I mentioned, I'll be looking for beta readers and critique partners as I finish the edits and revisions on the draft. If you enjoy paranormal romance and think you might be interested, I invite you to join my newsletter list. This doesn't guarantee a place on the reading list, but I'll be announcing sign-ups in the newsletter first.

You can sign up using the form at the end of this post!

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