Gratitude, Intention and Aligned Goals - 100-Days update 2

As some of you know, my husband and I are experimenting with the Law of Attraction and aligned goals. (If you're already lost, you can read up on our experiment here and here)

We're just over 2 weeks into our experiment, and I have to say, it's been a very interesting seven days. One of my solo intentions has been met, while some of our joint intentions are slipping or are making huge strides towards being met. From where I'm sitting, I would say that we're either flying through this, or seriously falling behind. But let me explain.

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Completed intention:

I have to admit that I'm totally stoked about one of my personal intentions. Last week, an opportunity came up to submit a query for my mostly finished novel "Finding Home." I needed to do some serious revising for point of view and tense, and submitting when I did, gave me about 8 days to get the whole 580-some page manuscript fixed, in the event that I got contacted. I didn't get contacted, but that wasn't the intention. The Intention for the 100-Day experiment was to have the book edited and ready to submit. While it needs another read through for flow and typos, it is completely edited. 

Other areas that are moving smoothly:

We've paid off almost $400 in debt since beginning our experiment, making strides towards being able to buy our own home. Hubby has also taken the initiative at work, and is learning more job skills that will pay off further down the road. We've made more sales in the online bookstore, and that is edging closer towards the goal of having it pay for itself, once we get the e-commerce site up and running.

In general, we're both feeling more positive, and are seeing other areas of our lives make huge strides towards goals we didn't include in the 100-Day plan.

Where we're struggling:

I'll be the first to line up and admit that my eating has been closer to 0% Paleo than 85%. With zero time to plan ahead for that big editing project, when I was spending 14-16 hours a day immersed in the manuscript, cooking wasn't an option. Eating boiled down to anything I could eat one-handed, and didn't have to cook. That meant a lot of caffeine, sugar and processed food. Now that the work is finished, I'm getting us back on track (hubby has been traveling a lot for medical appointments, which gave me even less motive to cook), and we've learned what we need to plan for come November, when all three of us are writing for National Novel Writing Month, so that we stay on track.

I haven't been great about exercising or meditating like I'd planned. I spent nearly every waking minute of the last week immersed in either editing or trying to catch up on business stuff that I just didn't have the energy for it. However, with that said, I also found a space within working on the manuscript that was the equivalent of meditation, where all thought fell away, and I was focused only on the words in front of me... Not really reading, just moving through the sentences to change what needed to be changed. Another note for myself come November.

Where we've seemed to stall:

We haven't even begun to plan our vacation that we want to take. Money is slowly adding up in savings, but we really need to spend a little time planning exactly what we want. I've also stalled out on my Reiki course, as I haven't had a lot of time to really recruit clients for my practicum work. (If you're interested in working with me and helping me complete this, please check out my blog post about Intuitive Reiki, and join my email list for a special deal for those helping me with this project)

I've also back-burnered a few other business projects to tend to my writing. Writing is my passion, just behind tending my close relationships, and I truly miss immersing myself in characters and story. With that said, I will still be offering energy readings, Reiki and coaching programs, but I've made the decision that I won't be killing myself trying to do everything the way the "masters" and "gurus" say it should be done. I've returned to the call to be authentic to myself and my own style, and have released the  need to be "successful" by the standards of others.

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What we've learned:

We both feel more positive in general, even when things aren't going the way we'd like. This is helping me bounce back faster from my usual post-manuscript-project blues, and is helping Hubby move forward with pursuing treatment for some of his long-standing medical problems. We're seeing money flowing more easily to us, with more money in the bank at the end of each week, debts shrinking, and feeling generally more optimistic about our financial future.

And who doesn't want to be more positive and have more money in the bank?

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