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What little moment today are you grateful for? A 40 Days of Gratitude Challenge series post.

What little thing happened today that you are grateful for?

I've mentioned this a dozen times during this series, I'm sure.

I haven't actually counted, though, but it keeps coming up because it holds so many things I'm grateful for.

This morning, I managed to spring (well, more crawl/limp/groan) my way out of bed at 6 a.m. sharp to discover a gorgeous nearly-full moon shining brightly through the massive picture window in our bedroom. The moon was headed down, but it hung there, shining, during my meditation time with Daughter, through a 20-minute stretch session on my yoga mat, and on through my morning walk on the beach shortly after the sun came up. I shot a slightly blurry photo of my morning scenery as I crested the dunes to find the tide WAAAAY out, a calm sea, and the moon hanging over the horizon.

I walked the beach this morning, aware of my position between the sun (rising) and moon (setting). If I stretched my arms to my sides, each would have been sitting just above my hands.

It's been a clear day, and I think the weather just realized that it's autumn, and we totally skipped summer. We've had really warm, clear, beautiful weather that's usually gone by this time of year.

We're not complaining, though.

What little moment today are you grateful for? A 40 Days of Gratitude Challenge series post.

I'm getting as many morning beach walks in as I can before I become mostly housebound during the winter due to storms, and Hubby enjoys as many early evening walks as he can when he gets off work early enough to not be eaten alive by the mosquitoes that are also enjoying this late, warm weather.

My gratitude moment today, was that moment this morning, standing in perfect balance with the sun and the moon. It was beautiful and powerful.

You know what's next! Drop into those comments below, and leave me YOUR gratitude moment for today. I can't wait to hear it!

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