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Grab Google Maps! "What place are you most grateful for?"

40 Days of Gratitude continues with a blog post about Place - The Washington Coast - on Sage Wolfsong Creations.

I am grateful to live in the most beautiful, inspiring place on Earth (in my own opinion - where you live may be beautiful and inspiring to you - so be sure to share down in the comments below when you've read through).

I've been up and down the California coast, to Alaska, to Colorado - I grew up regularly visiting the Sierra Nevadas in California. These are all gorgeous, wild places, but the Washington Coast is Home.

We've got the Pacific Ocean knocking on our door, mountains, rainforest, wildlife - including Sasquatch! - fishing, hiking, surfing and deep, dense fog that stirs a mysterious, paranormal air from the Oregon border to the tip of the Olympic Penninsula (and probably up into the San Juan Islands, but having not made it that far yet, I can't say for certain).

In May, we moved into our new home, just a quarter mile from a stretch of beach. It's been a gorgeous, if cool and smoky, summer that has challenged my PTSD and my Fibromyalgia, but I wouldn't trade it for anything at this point in my life.

I've talked a bit about how the house itself was a personal challenge, but the drive to get myself moving enough that I can walk to the beach. Living so near the mountains, there are hikes just waiting to be tackled. Some, I know I'll never be able to manage. Others, like the climb down to Ruby Beach, about 2 hours north of us on the ocean side of the peninsula, are more manageable in the short term, and I'm hoping that our next trip to Forks (yes, that Forks) I'll be able to do that hike.

The cliffs overlooking Ruby Beach, Washington. Hubby and I took a drive up to Forks for our anniversary. On our return trip, I really wanted to stop and see this beach - the fog had rolled in and it was absolutely stunning.

Admittedly, it took a couple years to come to grips with the storms we have here. They can be brutal and unrelenting. Sometimes, they do some serious damage, and frequently, they are unsafe to go out in. This isn't the gentle, constant rain the inland areas around Puget Sound get.

We've had years that eroded yards of our beaches, depositing the sand elsewhere along the coast. I've sat through storms where the waves were impacting the beach with so much force that I could feel it in the floor, a mile away.

It's almost storm season again, and we're stocking up on supplies such as candles, water and non-perishable food that doesn't have to be cooked. Few things beat having a half-cooked roast in the crock-pot when the power goes out.

So how does all this play into my disability? 

I've had to stretch myself, sometimes much farther than I'm comfortable with, to learn to cope with the severe storms, wind, and lightning (the wind is the worst of it, and still is at times).

It also gives me a reason to maintain and improve my health and fitness. I have hikes I want to take. I know I can do it, and I know where my absolute limits are.

And being so close to wild places makes it easy to get away and get grounded in my own energy, far from city streets and noises, traffic and smog.

40 Days of Gratitude continues with a blog post about Place - The Washington Coast - on Sage Wolfsong Creations.

It's your turn now - What place are you grateful for? Share your story and a photo in the comments below.

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