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Spring? Winter? Road Work? "What season are you grateful for?"

Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude series - Seasons as related to disability

Here on the Washington coast, sitting at the base of the Olympic Rainforest, we have 2 seasons: Wet and Roadwork, with about 3 weeks of what Hubby calls "Weathering" in between each. 

"Weathering," for those who haven't heard me use this term before, is what happens when we cycle through all four normal seasons in one day. You know... We get snow, followed by warm sunshine, followed by thunderstorms and hail, followed by rain, followed by sunshine again. "Weathering" days are hard to plan because you don't know what the weather is going to do between your car and the grocery store doors. 

In winter (AKA, Wet season), we get rain. The forecast from October through June is pretty simple: Whatever they say on the radio, add a 50% chance of rain into it.

In other words - it's just wet for most of the year. Go further up the peninsula, and you'll start seeing giant rain gauges that show how many inches of rain they've received. In terms of hundreds. This year, when a wildfire broke out up in the rainforest, the forestry service opted to manage only two sides of the blaze, citing steep terrain and the coming rainy season for their choice.

Yup. We get that much rain.

Unfortunately, I'm an outdoors kind of gal. I love to get out and walk, and the rain is rarely a deterrent. Our nasty windstorms though? Yeah, I'll stay inside for those. Which means I'm stuck inside for most of the wet season.

Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude series - Seasons as related to disability

But when summertime comes? (Also known as roadwork season)

I'm all over being outdoors. 

The first hints of summer beckon and call me out of the house to soak up sunshine and sea breezes. Unfortunately, my body doesn't always agree after months of being stuck inside with limited motion. 

That's where I have to juggle my love of summer and being outdoors with the needs of a body that doesn't always cooperate anymore. After all, when migraines, fatigue, and chronic pain are all just waiting to sideline me, I need to make the most of every sunny moment I can get outside!

Injuries come easier. Pain lasts longer. Fatigue hits faster than I can reasonably plan for. 

This winter, I'm taking a different approach. 

I've started using Aaptiv. A fitness app that has hundreds of workouts I can do indoors to strengthen my body and maintain my flexibility until the weather starts cooperating with my love of the outdoors again. Because I remind myself that I alone have the power to control how healthy or unhealthy I am.

Sharing time! Drop into the comments below and share what season you're grateful for and why.

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