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Not your eyesight. "What sight are you most grateful for?"

Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude - Sights and Disability

Personally, nothing beats the view of trees outside my office window. The cabin that sits in front of them needs some work, but it beats my old view of a parking lot and weeds.

It's Nature's reminder that we've moved on from those rough days when we made due with what we had.

It's also a subtle reminder that I can still see, though I need thick glasses to make anything out.

See, decades ago (I was younger than 13-year-old Daughter) I was told that I'd be blind by the time I was 30. Why an eye doctor thought it'd be helpful to tell a 10-year-old girl this will always elude me, but here I am, defying his prediction every day by waking up, putting on my glasses and smiling at the view of trees outside my office window.

It's a subtle reminder that if I focus on maintaining what I have - the house, the car, my eyesight, what health I do have - I can defy the odds and improve my own life. No matter what "they" say.

Today, there's a slight drizzle that mists the view of those trees while I write this. But after a long, dry summer, those trees are soaking up the rain and sparkling in vivid greens this afternoon. For me, it's been a long, rough week filled with drama and physical pain, but here I am, soaking up some creative time as I write this blog and reach deep into my roots and branch out to perhaps touch someone's life.

Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude - Sights and Disability

If that person is you, then I bid you welcome to my page. Soak up the knowledge that even if things seem utterly hopeless, you can still find enjoyment at this moment, if you seek it out, and then improve your situation. Even if only by a fraction.

Drop into the comments box below and tell me what sight you're grateful for and why.

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