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 40 Days of Gratitude - from the perspective of disability - Gratitude for the little things in my life

The devil's in the details, but so are those shining things that make us happy. What small things are you grateful for?

I have a couple of small things I'm immensely grateful for, that make my life... not necessarily easier, but they do allow me to manage my life and my chronic pain a little more effectively.

The first is my smartphone. I'm not on the Apple bandwagon (no offense, but I don't really get the hype). I have a sweet little ZTE that does everything I want, and even with a ton of business, social media, fitness, and health apps on it, I've yet to run out of space. Our network out here on the far reaches of the continent isn't always the greatest, and even with our home wifi, I still struggle with speed sometimes. But overall, I'm deliriously happy with my little phone. Plus, I can take awesome photos of the beach at different times of day, and not have to delete them once I send them to Instagram! How cool is that?

The second is my fitness band. I use a Garmin vivosmart HR+, and it keeps me on track with my health goals. The pedometer feature does need to be calibrated with a 20 minute walk, which took me about 2 months to be able to accomplish, whether due to storms or pain, but I gradually worked up to it, and now, the device and app automatically increase my steps goal each time I beat the daily goal. I can also track my pulse, which is helpful in keeping on top of my cardiac health, and seeing what effect meditation has in the long term. The vivosmart HR+ doesn't have ALL the bells and whistles, and Hubby is prompting me that it might be time for an upgrade to something more accurate and agile, but for now, this one works great.


Number three on my small things gratitude list is my bullet journal. I discovered this life-changing method of planning back when I was at RWA 2018. I was still not convinced by the time I came home, but I started looking into it more and more, and now, I'm hooked. My 2019 planner will be done with this method, and I've already started putting it together, though I'm thinking that I maybe underestimated the number of pages I'll need. No worry, I have blank books aplenty! As a trial, and because I still have my Freedom Mastery planner for 2018, I opted to start with a basic grid composition book. The paper isn't great, but I've been able to play with spreads, find what I want, and discover what pens NOT to use, without spending a ton of money. When the Gratitude series is done, I'll post more about my bullet journal spreads (they aren't fancy or uber-creative, but they are effective for me) in a coming blog post. 

40 Days of Gratitude - from the perspective of disability - Gratitude for the little things in my life

That's it for today. Drop into the comments below, and tell me: What little things in your daily life are you grateful for?

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