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The question today is, "What smell are you grateful for today?"

Sage Wolfsong blog post - Gratitude Challenge - Smells

As we launch into this challenge, and I look at my gratitude practice from the lense of my disabilities, I find myself turning to a period of time when smells were my enemy.

At their worst, my asthma and migraines meant anything that had an aroma was a potential threat. Neither my husband nor I could wear perfume or cologne. No scented body wash or shampoo. Essential oils, potpourri, and even my sandalwood mala bead bracelet were all triggers that could lay me up for days.

Imagine for a moment, a world in which you can't enjoy your own rose bushes, the smell of rosemary in your pot roast, or the scent of lavender lulling you to sleep.

So my gratitude for today is the ability to enjoy scents. I have a few in particular that I enjoy most, and I'll link to those below. Most of all, I love being able to use essential oils in my office and bedroom and being able to wear light perfume. Yes, some scents do still trigger major problems, but they're nowhere near what they used to be.

 Sage Wolfsong blog post - Gratitude Challenge - Smells

To answer the question most directly though, I love the smell of my tea brewing in my coffee pot first thing in the morning. It's a reminder of the delicate balance between what I can no longer enjoy (caffeine - I miss my coffee), and what I thought I would never again be able to enjoy.

I mentioned essential oils - I have a few favorites that I alternate using in my diffuser and salt lamp. If scents don't bother you (all are fairly strong), give one or two a try! THRIVE reminds me of strong tea brewing, while CALMING SLEEP is a great one for winding down (it seems to encourage our cats to relax, too). CALM MUSCLE is one that I have the actual essential oil for, though the oil blend itself is getting hard to come by. It's fabulous for sore and spasming muscles, and this was my safety net at RWA 2018, with all the walking I had to do!



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