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So, "What sound are you most grateful for today?"

Jenn explores the gratitude of sound and music in today's 40 Days of Gratitude Challenge blog post

How do you know what mood Sage is in? 

You listen for the sound of music. The tone of music will reflect my mood. Unless I'm writing or working on a book project, then it's a little tougher - but the mood then is usually "Unless you're bringing me food, leave me alone."

What sound am I most grateful for today? Music.

Yes, it's a broad answer, but it's the truth.

Music is a huge part of my life and has always been, for as long as I can remember. When I was little, my mom and I would sing in the car, everywhere we went. We prepared for road trips by making sure the background tapes were packed. My grandmother had the radio, tape deck, or record player on unless she was sitting down to watch t.v.

When I work out, I like to have music in the background - another reason I like Aaptiv. I have playlists for every mood and a playlist that picks me up when my depression is rolling through. 

I even have a Youtube playlist for improving how I feel. It's very personal to me, but you're welcome to browse it and see if it helps you feel more positive, upbeat and productive.


Sometimes, the track playing is just a meditation piece with singing bowls. When I'm in a stretch where I'm not sleeping well at night, I have a fallback Delta Solfeggio track that I put on repeat while I sleep.

Jenn explores the gratitude of sound and music in today's 40 Days of Gratitude Challenge blog post

Music is what drives my life. I can sit in silence when meditating. Focus while working, without music? Not so much. Music makes my world a whole lot better. 

Your turn:

What sound are you most grateful for?

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