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In the face of disability, what skill am I grateful for? 40 Days of Gratitude continues in this blog post.

I don't care how mundane you think you are, everyone has a skill or talent that they truly excel at. What talent or skill in your personal toolkit are you grateful for?

As I sit here writing this blog post, considering what skill, talent, or ability I want to highlight in my world of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic illness, it's easy for my mind to point out all the things I can no longer do because of my disabilities.

But this post isn't about disability, is it?

It's about an ability. 

Just one.

The timing of the writing of this particular post isn't lost on me, as I've been distracted by the looming specter of Imposter Syndrome. Why would anyone want to work with me? I'm just...

Just disabled.

Just an overweight, chronically ill house-wife.

Just a high school graduate.

Just a wannabe...

That said, it takes some effort to look past the "justs" and find something I'm good at. Sitting here pondering, my eyes drift up to the two strings of meditation mala beads, and the answer settles on my shoulders.

With all I have going on in my brain all the time, I have a talent for sitting down with intention, and quieting all those thoughts constantly racing. My downfall is having the discipline to practice daily. 

I'm working on this.

I've done pretty well this month with getting my butt out of bed early to sit quietly before my altar and quiet my mind. I've been working with Daughter to help her learn this special skill in an effort to help her learn to remain present in the moment and aware of her surroundings.

So far, she's noticing a difference, similar to the differences I'm seeing in my own well-being.

We're both calmer.

We're both less dramatic.

She's practicing more safety in her day-to-day life.

I'm experiencing less pain and more mobility.

I'm grateful for those moments in my day when I sit mindfully and intentionally still my mind for a few minutes.

In the face of disability, what skill am I grateful for? 40 Days of Gratitude continues in this blog post.

Your turn! I want to hear you brag on you for a bit. What skill, ability, or talent are you grateful for?

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