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Mmm... A question in good taste: "What taste are you most grateful for today?"

Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude - Taste

In a word: Salt.

Yeah, okay. Maybe that was too easy. So before I go spinning off into the ether and a long-winded story, I'll just bring this one into a nice, neat circle. I love salt. Salt gets me through some pretty crappy days.

Time was, I'd down a whole party-sized bag of Cheetos and wash it down with a liter of diet Dr. Pepper. And that'd be my meal for the day, because in all honesty, when I have one of those really, really bad migraines (the kind that knocks me down for almost a week and is virtually no more) this was all I could stomach. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, else would stay down.

When my migraines get out of hand, the only thing I can taste is salt, so salty foods are what I eat. I haven't had one of those migraines in a while thankfully, and there's a good reason.

Last winter, my Physician's Assistant recommended a supplement called Migrelief. It's not cheap stuff, about $20 for a one month supply, and it takes about 2 months to really load into your system to make a noticeable difference, but it is oh-so-worth-it. 

Remember those nasty migraines I mentioned? The kind that lasts a week and hurt so bad I can't think and can't stomach anything besides Cheetos and soda?

For years, those were my norm. I'd have one about every other week. And when you figure that they last a week... Well, you get the picture.


I've been on Migrelief for almost a year now, and I've had TWO of those migraines since the supplement fully loaded into my system. And I don't get as many of the lesser ones, either. Those used to fill in the days between severe migraines (yes, daily), and I get them maybe once every other month now, usually when I'm pretty stressed out.

Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude - Taste

So, back to the salt.

Those salty snacks got me through some pretty crappy days. I have no other way to describe that life other than - It sucks to spend day after day staring at the back of your eyelids, hurting too much to do anything with the ideas rolling through your splitting brain.

Now that I'm on the Keto diet, I keep some salty snacks, mostly mixed nuts, in my office to boost my macros if I'm too high on carbs. No more Cheetos, though. I tried that once, early in my transition to Keto and right after all the stress of RWA 2018 - it went very, very badly. 

But I'm still thankful for salt, and I use it in almost everything I make. I prefer Himalayan pink salt and will use Kosher sea salt if the pink won't go with what I'm making. I don't use iodized salt though. (shudder and gag). Yes. there's a difference in taste! 

So, with that bit of randomness out of the way, let's hear from you! What taste are you grateful for, and why?

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