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Today, our question is, "What technologies are your grateful for?"

The 40 Day Gratitude Challenge continues with Technology on Sage Wolfsong Creations blog

Technology is a wonderful thing, isn't it? True, it makes our lives more hectic and can affect our health if overused, but there are a few pieces of technology that help me live better with my disabilities.

Like many things in the darkest times of my illness, I've had to walk away from technology for a time. Some things, I couldn't wait to get back to, others, I came back to slowly, at a much more casual pace. Other things, I learned to live without and left them out as I came back to a more stable state of being.

I'm an introvert. Unapologetic. Unashamed of it.

I was an introvert before I got sick. My growing illness made getting out harder and harder until I was virtually a shut-in. Even going for a hike by myself became an impossibility.

Not a great place for someone who loves getting out and seeing and doing things.

If I have an event that I really want to get something out of, I can put on my extrovert costume, and work a crowd like a boss, but only for a little while. Social media? Yeah, I'm all over the place, with the bookstore and this blog. I'm part of several writers communities and co-host a weekly virtual write in on Second Life with my writing buddy, Allie McCormack.

What makes all this possible? Technology. On all but the very, very bad days, I can still "get out" and interact with people, with my tribe, because of technology. 

My favorite is my smartphone. I can run all my social media on it, and thanks to a social media scheduling service, I don't miss a beat with posting about new blogs, book reviews and all the rest. Yes, I recycle a lot of my social media stuff that isn't specific to a person, place, thing or event, but many of those recycled posts spark interactions that I wouldn't find otherwise.

(My favorite social media tools are SmarterQueue and Canva.)

The 40 Day Gratitude Challenge continues with Technology on Sage Wolfsong Creations blog

I'm also a life-long learner. Homeschooling our daughter without a college degree meant doing double-time on learning so I could teach. Learning how to run a business without a business degree also meant a long list of to-dos that I didn't have the know-how to handle, and bootstrapping the businesses means having to learn a LOT. Thus, I also use Skillshare extensively on my phone. I can get classes, taught by professionals in their field, on pretty much anything I can imagine. Right now, I'm focused on makeup application (for the 13 year old), skin care (also for the 13 year old), baking and cake decorating (you guessed it - also for the 13-year-old), social media growth (not for the 13 year old!), and creative writing (partly for the 13 year old, but mostly for me). 

I also teach on Skillshare! Boy howdy! No matter how I'm feeling on any given day, you can take a class taught by yours truly on time management and how to thin your to-do list. I have more courses I need to polish and record, but you can follow me here and stay up to date.

If you're curious, you can check out Skillshare's entire course offering for 30 days for free using this link. You do have to enter your billing information at the time of registration, but you can cancel without any charge before your 30 days is up.

Also on my smartphone - Health management apps. I use MyFitnessPal for logging my food and tracking my weight. Garmin Connect works with my smartwatch (link below), and I've recently started using Aaptiv for audio workouts that I can play on my phone. My mobility is still somewhat limited, but I've found a number of great, short workouts that my body doesn't throw a fit over.

What are your favorite apps, technologies or programs?

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