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 Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude - Textures

Silky? Gritty? "What texture are you grateful for?"

Short answer: Brushed cotton.

I've always been a little sensitive to textures - scratchy tags were the bane of my childhood as were woolen socks that I wore for hiking. What was once a minor irritation became a serious problem when I developed fibromyalgia, though.

At its worst, I slept in our recliner at night rather than in our bed simply because the sheets hurt. My clothes hurt. Everything hurt.

Enter the wonderful world of cotton. Bamboo, too, but that was outside of my budget at the time (I still prefer to buy bamboo clothing whenever possible, because it's healthier for the Earth).

Yoga pants, soft cotton tees, and cotton bras became my uniform for years. The wire-free bras didn't irritate nerve damage in uncomfortable places. I was training a young dog for service work, and not only did the textures of these items not irritate my nerve endings, they allowed me to move.

I made a conscious decision back in late 2016 to get rid of my trusty recliner, though. It was worn out and leaving me bruised and sore. The problem was... the sheets on our bed still hurt my skin when I was having a pain flare up.

We made an effort at that point to replace our sheets (which were worn out and needed to be retired anyway) with soft cotton microfiber. What a difference!

 Sage Wolfsong blog post - 40 Days of Gratitude - Textures

For those who aren't familiar with Fibromyalgia, sleep is a serious problem for us. We're tired all the time. Even if we sleep for 12 hours, we frequently feel like we could sleep for another 12 without a problem.

But here's the kicker: Though we sleep, we struggle to reach the healing Delta wave sleep that resets the body and lets you wake up feeling energized and ready to face the day. I haven't yet been able to find a good scientific explanation for why our brains are broken like this, but they are, and it falls to us to figure out how to live with it.

For me, it was cotton sheets. 



No, I still don't get a perfect night's sleep every night, but I do sleep better. And the nights that I'm hurting so bad that even the sheets are too much are few and far between, thanks to the soft texture of cotton.

Your turn! Drop into the comments below and tell me what texture you're grateful for.

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