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 40 Days of Gratitude Blog Series Post - Touch - How the headbutt of a cat can lift my mood and ground me in the present moment.

What, or whose, touch are you grateful for?

Cat lovers, represent!

Okay, I'll admit I'm not exactly a cat person. If I had to choose, I'd prefer a dog. It's just who I am. 

However, having made that admission, I don't hate cats. They reek havoc upon my allergies, but if I have someone else that can deal with the litter box, it's manageable with the allergy pill I take daily anyway.

And, because we don't have a dog (finding just what I'm looking for has been a challenge for another post), the touch I'm most grateful for, is the headbutt of either of our two cats, Zeke and Elsa.

Sometimes, they fight over who gets to sleep in the sunny spot under my office chair. Or, when I'm deep into a scene that I'm writing, Zeke will hop up onto my desk and demand attention before he crawls behind my laptop to fall asleep. And Elsa loves to go "marshmallow mode" on my lap when I sit in my comfy chair to read. [Note: Elsa is a pure white kitty - when she hunkers down, she looks like a giant marshmallow, hence the nickname.]

I'm grateful for those gentle headbutts that ground me in the here-and-now. The soft, fuzzy touch of a cat seeking attention. Even when they're obnoxious and insistent that I must stop RIGHT NOW and love on them. Because when everyone else in the house is off doing their life-stuff, the cats are here always, just waiting for me to sit still long enough for them to hunker down in my lap or on my keyboard for some love.

40 Days of Gratitude Blog Series Post - Touch - How the headbutt of a cat can lift my mood and ground me in the present moment.

A side benefit to cats? They don't ask to be walked when it's raining or when my pain is off the charts. Zeke's kittenish antics remind me to smile when I feel crummy. They do like to force us out of bed in the morning because breakfast must be punctual!


Drop into the comments below and share what touch you're grateful for!

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