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 40 Days of Gratitude blog post - Who? What person in your life are you most grateful for? For me, this is my husband, who's stuck with me despite overwhelming challenges.

Who is that person in your life that you're most grateful for today?

He's usually hiding in the background, but I've mentioned him a hundred times in my blog. 

He's the man in my life. (Apologies, Zeke)

I have the most amazing husband ever.

Yet, in the course of our 13 years of marriage, I have been asked a hundred times how I put up with him. My reply is usually a quick, "If you met my ex, you'd understand," but that's far, far from the truth.

Thirteen years ago, I married my high school sweetheart, after a disastrous first marriage. The road hasn't always been smooth; in fact, we've endured job losses, homelessness, hunger, infidelity, near-divorce, several critical illnesses, disabilities, and mental health issues (for both of us).

It's been 27 years since I first met Brian, and we've both grown up a lot since our high school days (I was a freshman, he was a senior headed for the Army), and there were dozens of times either of us could have thrown in the towel. Instead, we stuck it out and continue to work on our individual selves to make the whole stronger.

I'm grateful for his presence in my life because his love is the rare, unconditional type. No matter what crazy project I'm working on right now, even if I have no idea what I'm doing, he's there to lend support and assistance. If there's something I want to accomplish, rather than asking me why he'll ask if I need him to help.

He's often the unsung hero in the business, prepping review blogs for me, or doing the boring work of adding new inventory. He's also more introverted than I am, which sometimes strains our relationship when I ask him to step out of his comfort zone - usually anything that doesn't involve a meat cooler, freezer or butcher knives. 

Without hesitation, he massages my feet at night - a ritual that benefits both my sensitive and sore feet and the tendonitis and contractures in his hands. He gets my moods and is always the light humor to my dark mood. 

Plus, he gets the whole writer thing, and actually asks how my characters are doing - and lets me bounce ideas off him, even if he has no idea what I'm talking about. He happily provides a body to talk to so I don't feel so crazy talking to myself.

And he spoils me rotten. I've learned to make sure that at least one project reward a month is set aside for him to buy me something because I manage the books, and he likes to have money to spend on me. Even a $5 allowance is a big deal to him.

I can't tell you how much it means to have this kind of unwavering support no matter how bad my illness or pain is. It's an amazing gift, and I know I don't tell him often enough how grateful I am for him, though I try to on a daily basis.

40 Days of Gratitude blog post - Who? What person in your life are you most grateful for? For me, this is my husband, who's stuck with me despite overwhelming challenges.

Alright... now that I've rambled on about my wonderful hubby, I have some bad news for you single ladies... 

I haven't ever met a man like him, and I don't know where to point you to find one for yourself, but it is my sincere wish for you to find what you are looking for. 

Drop into the comments below and tell me what person you're grateful for today, and why.

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