I Said I Wasn't Going To...

Wasn't it just a week or two ago I said I wasn't going to do the Wisdom Within School of Intuition this year? Yeah. It was.

Yet, here I stand, not only registered for this year's WWS, but also registered and working on my Level II Reiki certificate.

This year, I'm working on WWS as a mastery student, deepening the work I began in earnest last year. If 2016 was about growth and discovering my path, then 2017 is every bit about learning to let go, and trust that inner voice, and share it with the wider world.

I had the immense honor of being part of one of Elle North's trainings this week. I'd already registered for the course, because as a returning student, I knew the power of what Elle teaches. In the training, I reacquainted myself with my intuition, and found that each tool she introduced was easier to work with than they were one year ago. 

During last year's WWS, I encountered an experience that left me frozen in place, unable to work on any of the projects I was working on at the time. It took a good deal of work to move past that, and to some extent, I am still struggling with it. However, moving past it is the goal of my participation in this year's Wisdom Within.

I used to struggle with oracle cards. Now, I read both oracle and tarot with a certain degree of ease. Pendulums were outside of my realm of comprehension, yet I can easily use my own body as one if the need arises. Crystals have been part of my spiritual practice for years, but yesterday, a bit of sodalite from my collection asked to be my partner for at least the first couple months of this journey. And Reiki? A year ago, I knew the term, and nothing more about it. I am currently a level 1 practitioner, and working towards my level II, with plans to complete my Master level by early 2018. 

All you want is on the other side of fear -Will Smith

I didn't plan to do the 2017 WWS because of everything else I have going on in my life. Yet Monday, I couldn't deny the intense pull of this year's course, the call to take my Intuitive Self deeper than ever before.

During a conversation with a very dear friend after the training, I felt another pull to pick up pen and my journal, and channel something that my higher self was whispering to me. I am a writer and a creatrix, but I generally don't write poetry. Yet, when I sat back to study what I'd written, it was not only a poem, but a message about stepping past fear.

If you are sitting back, wondering if the time is right,
If fear of what others might say grips your throat,
If you are doubting what, deep down, you know is your truest path,
Then know this know:
Like a field is plowed for planting,
Torn and broken and laid open
Beneath the sky,
So, too, is your soul.

You are
fertile ground
Broken and torn open
Laid bare beneath Father Sun and Mother Moon
Fresh, open and ready
To nurture the seeds of
All you are
All you are becoming.

Let go of self-indulgent fear
Give your deepest self fully to this path
Take this into yourself

Then wait


And see what blooms

Your time is now. Open up to the Universe, and ask what it is that you are to receive. What thing's time has come for you to step beyond your fear and do for yourself?

Maybe you feel that your time has come to step into a deeper relationship with your own intuition. If so, this is definitely the course for you. Would you join me in this journey? Would you allow me to be your witness as we travel this eight month long path together? If you feel your soul shouting a resounding YES!, then please, hop over to Elle's website and sign up today. We start in early May, and I have yet to find a better, more in-depth approach to intuition than what Elle offers in this amazing school.

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