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Jennifer Bradshaw

I am a week into my level 2 Reiki course. That I've managed to keep to my own schedule, despite a nasty head cold, has me very proud of myself.

In the coming weeks, I will be seeking out prospects for doing my practicum work with, possibly some clients that I can work with over distances.

For now, I would like a list of ten individuals that are curious about Reiki energy healing, and would be available to meet with me via Skype or email for a one hour session. Prior to making an appointment, I would need a bit of information about you, which I will update before I make final selections.

For those who've never heard of Reiki, or perhaps have heard the term but aren't sure what it is: 

Reiki is a system of work with the bioelectric fields around the body. It can be performed on humans, animals, plants, intentions and planning. Reiki energy may also be sent across time and space, to bridge dimensions for deeper healing. It is not a substitute for professional medical care, but rather a compliment to such care to help the body better work with conventional treatment and therapy.

Intuitive Reiki practice seeking clients

I am receiving training in traditional Reiki, with an extra element of learning to use my intuition to guide my practice for a deeper, more beneficial experience for my clients. Beyond the Reiki, sometimes I might feel drawn to a tarot or oracle reading, or utilize crystals and herbs in my work, either with physical stones, or energetically by calling in the energy of a particular kind of crystal or plant.

If you are intrigued and would like to be a part of my practicum series for my level 2 certification, please send an email to jennb@sagewolfsong.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Update 7-31-17: I am still finishing up my Level 2 Certification, and have filled all my slots for practicum Reiki. That said, however, you can book your own private distance session through the listing here.

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