Is It Fear or Intuition?

Jennifer Bradshaw

Fear isn't the enemy. 

Really, it has a purpose, and without it, humanity wouldn't have survived this far into history. Without fear, we tend to bumble into dangerous (truly dangerous, life-threatening situations) without heeding the warning signs.

But it is also a huge block, and creates problems when it comes to getting anything finished. For some who have serious problems with anxiety disorders, like me, it can become difficult to distinguish between fear (the senseless kind that doesn't serve personal or public safety) and an intuitive nudge.

fearless - understanding the difference between intuition and fear

What Fear is:

  • A gut reaction to something in your surroundings being "off"
  • A trigger to your body's fight or flight response
  • Often overwhelming and can spiral out of control
  • False Expectations Appearing Real
  • A tool for manipulators to keep you in line with less-than-authentic beliefs
  • Dis-empowering, belief-limiting, ego-based

Intuition can also be a reaction to something being not-quite-right with your surroundings, but it comes from a different place in your body. It also does not carry with it the feelings of intense anxiety, panic and dis-ease that fear carries. Intuition speaks to you in many ways, and can be cultivated. We can use tools to hear our intuition, or simply use our bodies and listen closely. 

What Intuition is:

  • An extra sense (or senses) cluing you in about the energy of places, objects and people.
  • Calm and clear
  • Empowering
  • Provokes clear and decisive action
  • Inspiring

When you work with your intuition, fear is lessened, and looses it's grip on your daily life. Your functioning becomes more clear, and you stop the cycle of feeling frozen in place and not knowing where to take action. You become crystal clear on what steps you need to take and where you need to go.

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