Juggling Butterflies

Jennifer Bradshaw

Wisdom Within School of Intuition begins today, and I am so excited for it! Working with Elle, for me, is incredibly deep and nourishing, which is why I try to dive into as many of her courses as I can. 

Now, not everyone is cut out to work with everyone else. I have met some teachers that just... The energy that they put out isn't wrong, it just isn't right for me. I tip my hat to their work, learn what I can in that moment, and then... 

I move on.

When I pulled a tarot card this morning from my Crystal Visions deck, I pulled "The World" card, but it was reversed. Now, on this card, I see the colors of sunset, I see energy, a woman meditating, sitting atop a globe that rests in a lotus blossom. The woman seems to be juggling butterflies, which is the detail that jumped out at me instantly.

Juggling butterflies and the World Card in the Tarot

I've pulled this card before, but the butterflies never really popped for me. But before I dive into the "traditional" meaning of this card, allow me to walk you through what I see when I look at this card.

Butterflies usually represent, for me, metamorphosis, and here, I am seeing that theme once more. But the woman seems to be juggling them, and presently, I am in the midst of several deep and life-changing alterations in my daily life. I am also juggling a number of women's summits that I am following, trying to finish last year's WWS and preparing to start this year's WWS. My husband has been traveling a lot this year, and we're coming to the end of that period, as well; he'll still be traveling weekly, but his overnight trips are being reduced dramatically. Am I juggling change? You bet yer tuckus I am!

The woman meditating is seated on a globe, which rests on a lotus, and she is wearing a necklace that bears the symbol of OM. I've been diving into my mantra practice again, abandoned back when I started writing in earnest last fall, and I've been missing it. But rather than just one mantra mala, I've been combining three, so that I am focusing not just on igniting my intuition, but also on grounding and connecting with my heart space. It's about a 20 minute practice in all, but it is a fabulous way to wake up, no coffee required! (I can hear my husband protesting this fact loudly... He can't live without his caffeine, and I have had to leave it behind entirely.) Because of this grounding and integration practice, I can feel myself rising up, though still rooted deeply in the earth (she is above the globe, but still connected to the Earth, and lotuses are said to rise up from the murky, still waters to bloom).

We also see energy flowing between the woman's hands and the water. As I progress through my 21 day respite after my Reiki attunement, I can sense the depths of the energy flowing around and through me, even though I am not actively scheduling Reiki clients right now.

And finally, the sun seems to be setting in the background. This particular cycle is coming to an end for me, as I step out of the role of quiet learner and into the role of out-spoken Wise Woman (wisdom is all well and good, but it is utterly useless if not spoken to the intended audience).

Now, to wrap this up, The World card traditionally symbolizes the completion of a cycle, and the end of the Fool's Journey (for those unfamiliar with Tarot, the Fool often represents being carefree and taking risks). It is also a card of understanding and consciousness. Reversed, it can indicate that the completion of a cycle is close and being able to see the big picture; however, there are still things not fully understood, and final steps to complete the journey. 

I can feel this journey, as learner and student, coming to a close, while still knowing that I have work to complete. However, this is not the only student journey in my life. There will always be another journey, as both student and mentor. And I look forward to all of them.

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