Weekly Wisdom: Kali

This week's oracle card wisdom comes from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. (affiliate link. You can learn more about these on my "About" page, here).

Last week, we talked about the promise and abundance of Universal flow. This week, we are visited by the goddess Kali, who reminds us that in order to receive this abundance, we must release what no longer serves us.

kali wisdom graphic

What are you holding onto that is blocking the flow of good things coming into your life? Perhaps it is a closet full of clothing that no longer first you. (I've been guilty of this.) Or a long-eld belief that maybe you don't deserve good things in your life. (Yeah, been there, too.) Maybe you've given up on knowing, or following, your soul's purpose, and you've bought into the whole myth that your job must suck, you must have an insurmountable level of debt, you can't relax and enjoy life until you are too old and sick to enjoy it. (Mmhmm. Done that.)

I get it. I've been in all of those places. And somewhere in all that muck, I met Kali. Her call to deal with my shadow side, to stop being a victim of my circumstances was so hard to ignore. Until the day I could no longer pretend it was just background noise. It became an alarm in my head, and the call became impossible to ignore. Kali taught me to dance in the shadows and find the lessons in the pain. She brought teachers into my life - their lessons were sometimes painful, but necessary to the journey my soul has been on.

The summary version of a repeating Kali lesson, though, is this: A room filled with useless stuff cannot hold more until the junk has been cleared out. Know that for every thing, thought, relationship, and memory you release that is holding you back, hurting you, fails to serve your highest good - the Universe will replace it with what feels good, propels you forward, serves your highest good and allows you to serve others in the manner you are meant to serve.

A river bed does not hold onto the water within its banks, yet as long as it flows and is not blocked, it is never empty.

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