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I have never, ever sat through a hurricane, so the weather we're getting right now is a first for me. We live on the US West Coast, and right now, we're sitting at the edge of a typhoon (the Pacific's version of a hurricane). Hubby's phone is going off every 15 minutes or so with weather alerts, and we're anticipating a loss of power soon, so I wanted to get today's blog post out post haste.

NaNo is just over a half a month away. Are you ready?

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Unlike other kinds of creating, there's a certain amount of background work you need to do in order to be ready before the hard work of creating begins.

Character building: It is critical that you really understand who your protagonists are, what they look like and what drives them. What's their struggle in life, not just your novel?

World Building: No matter what genre you're writing, you need to have a world that your readers can clearly imagine, and believe. Even if it's something so foreign to us Earth-bound humans; if it's consistent and realistic, you can pull your readers into your world, so they can connect with your characters.

Supporting Casts: So, maybe these aren't as developed as your main characters, but they do help shape some of what makes your hero or heroine come to life for your readers. Who are they? What qualities (both good and bad) do they bring out in your main characters?

The rain has arrived, thick and nasty now as I wrap up today's post; can't even see out the window, for all the water running down it and being pelted against it by 50+ mile per hour gusts, so I'll bid you good day.

Until next week, happy creating!


*This post originally appeared on one of my old blogs, on Oct. 14, 2016. I will be moving the blog posts over there to sagewolfsong.com gradually.*

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