Setting Aside Time for Being Creative

It's a lesson I keep repeating with my 11 year old daughter: You cannot rush creativity.

You might sit down to write, and have everything come out in a rush, but you cannot rush the creativity itself. Sometimes, it washes over you like a tidal wave. Other times, it takes its sweet time, meandering through the meadows of your mind, picking ideas like flowers.

I have days that I sit down to write... and nothing comes. I have days I sit down to write, and the words pour out of me like water from a pitcher.

The point isn't whether or not I feel creative. The point is that I make time for creating. Every day, I take 3-5 hours in the afternoon or evening, just to sit and write. Seven days a week.

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One night a week, part of that time is spent in the company of other creative women, when we sit around, laugh, talk about men, women, kids and our creative projects.

The time spent in "creative mode" is rejuvenating, revitalizing, and refreshing. Even if I don't get much done, I've tapped into that deep well, and gotten a little nourishment from it.

You don't have to quit your J-O-B to be creative. You don't have to give it half your day (like I often do). However, if you want to create, you need to give it a little time every day at least. Make it part of your daily agenda. Write during your lunch break at work. Take your crochet or drawing on the bus with you during your commute. Whatever you do creatively, however much time you can carve out, hold that time as sacred. You are so very worth it.

*This post originally appeared on one of my old blogs, on Oct. 20, 2016. I will be moving the blog posts over there to sagewolfsong.com gradually. *

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  • Yes!! When I was working on my novel, I used to arrive at work two hours before my scheduled shift just to write. Some days, I just sat and stared at my notebook. Other days, I was almost late because I was on a roll. But I still did it every single morning, because I had a story I needed to tell.

    This blog post is a great reminder that, although I technically have more “free time” than ever before, I really need to set aside “creative time”.


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