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I get it. You spend your whole day taking care of everyone else: the kids, the boss, the hubby. And, by the time you get the laundry folded, dinner on the table, and the kids in bed, you're too wiped out to do anything else, right? To make matters worse, you feel guilty about wanting to do something for yourself.

I get it. I've been there.

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I lost count long ago of the number of times that I've put some special self-care task on my to-do list, and ignored it, because other things for other people kept coming up. A half hour for me to use my favorite mud mask? No time. Must write a review for next week's blog post. An extra 20 minutes in the bathroom to shave my legs? Nope. Business stuff piled up last week because of a migraine, and Daughter's lesson plans didn't get done. 

Dinner out with Hubby. Alone? Nope. McDonald's it is, because that other thing, over there, that Daughter needed was more important.

I can give you a horrifically long list of embarrassing things I've put off, because they felt selfish (new bras that fit... selfish... really). I am the reigning queen of the Self-Directed Guilt Trip.

The thing is...

Getting sick, dealing with chronic pain and illness, I've had to bring myself back to this fact, over and over. Taking time to take care of my own needs is not selfish. If I don't do it, I will end up at a point where I can't take care of anyone else (remember that migraine that set me back on business, and Daughter's lesson plans got put off? Yeah). And that just breeds more self-directed guilt.

So, what's a good mom/wife/worker/boss to do? 

Take it.

Take the time to slow down and take care of you.

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You only get one body and one shot at this life. Make YOU the most non-negotiable thing on your to-do list. Whatever else you are in this life, you are the CEO of You, Inc.

No one else is going to advocate for your needs better than you. And if you're not advocating for the basics that allow you to be your best, healthiest, most productive You there is, then I can promise you here and now that no one else will.

Now's your chance.

Drop down into the comments below, and make the commitment. Take the stand to take care of You. I'll be here to support your decision.

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